Amanda Bagwell

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Franklin, Tennessee

Amanda Bagwell is a wife, teacher, consultant and mother of four.  She has an undergraduate degree in business and a Master’s Degree in Special Education.  Amanda is a certified educator in 3 states and has been teaching since 2004.  She became a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor in 2011 and has even taught Conscious Discipline internationally.

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As a teacher, Amanda has experience in preschool, pre-kindergarten, elementary, and middle school classrooms, in both general and special education capacities.  Amanda has personally implemented and helped to implement Conscious Discipline in her own home, preschool and pre-k classrooms, elementary classrooms, middle school classrooms, special education inclusion and pull-out settings and in church childcare/daycare settings.   Amanda has also been part of successfully using and showcasing Conscious Discipline tools in the NAEYC certification process for a preschool.

In the classroom, Amanda found that her passion for children is not simply for them to be well-educated, but for them to reach their full potential in life and in all areas.  Amanda began using Conscious Discipline in her own home and classroom and found the benefits for herself, her children and her students to be life changing!  Because she knows parenting, teaching and caring for children are difficult roles to fill that can often leave us frustrated and wondering what we will do next, Amanda became an instructor and began teaching Conscious Discipline as a way of empowering adults and children with life-long self-regulation tools that work to help reduce that frustration and build positive relationships.  For Amanda, it’s all about trying new tools and expecting the greatest of things to happen!

Amanda loves working with and helping all groups and individuals along their Conscious Discipline journey.  Her training specialty areas are preschool and pre-k, elementary school, parenting and faith-based groups.  Participants often comment that Amanda is laid-back, funny and genuine in her presentation of Conscious Discipline and they come away feeling refreshed and encouraged, ready to try new tools!



    Amanda has been a Pre-K through Grade 8 educator since 2004 in both general and special education settings.


    Amanda specializes in preschool through grade 6, administration and teachers, parents, faith-based groups, in-home/in-classroom coaching, group training.


    Amanda is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and holds teacher certifications for general and special education in Texas, Wyoming and Tennessee.


    Amanda earned her Master’s of Education in Special Education K-12, and also holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management.