Teacher Professional Development Event in Orlando, Florida: Conscious Discipline Institute

“Welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey that will transform your life as an educator. During this seven-day experience, we are going to create a community based on safety, connection, and problem-solving.”
– Dr. Becky Bailey, Author & Creator of Conscious Discipline

Do you dream of a healthy school culture that supports connection, safety, holistic wellness, achievement, and growth for all? We will help you be the change you want to see! Our teacher event in Orlando, Florida, is a week-long professional development event designed to provide educators, administrators, mental health professionals, social workers, child advocates, and parents with the skills and mindsets they need to create a school climate that cultivates success and proactive self-regulation in both students and staff.

This Conscious Discipline Institute goes far beyond your average educator gathering. Join us in Orlando, Florida, to enjoy an immersive, hands-on experience that will equip you with proven, actionable strategies for overcoming barriers and sparking lasting transformations within yourself and your school community.

With over 25 years of active growth under our belt, Conscious Discipline has fulfilled a level of fieldwork that few other programs can match. In a Harvard analysis of America’s top 25 emotional and social learning programs, the authors stated: “Conscious Discipline provides an array of behavior management strategies and classroom structures teachers can use to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities.” Conscious Discipline scored the highest possible score in 8 of the 10 categories in the study.” Better yet, our evidence-based, trauma-responsive approach to wellness and achievement for the entire institution aligns with ESSER and other funding sources for schools.

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Facilitator: Lety Valero

Here's What You'll Learn at Our Teacher Conference in Orlando, Florida


Millions have harnessed the metamorphic power of Conscious Discipline to reduce problem behaviors, boost student achievement, promote mind-body wellness, elevate school climate, and build a stronger, happier community where everyone feels safe, heard, and appreciated. You will learn the ins and outs of Conscious Discipline to create a success story of your own!


The Brain State Model helps us understand the science that drives behavior so we can better understand the “why” behind the feelings and reactions of ourselves and others. This shifts our mindset, enabling us to interpret behavior with compassion and the awareness that it is communication of internal chaos, confusion, or calm. This leads to greater self-regulation, a crucial quality in creating an environment that is safe and stable for children.


Being capable of regulating our own emotions, thoughts, and actions is the cornerstone for successful leadership, especially when it involves children who feel and perform best with a sense of safety and trust. The Seven Powers of Conscious Adults will help you become present, composed, and responsive to the needs of yourself and the children in your care. These powers open the door to an integrated executive brain state, giving us more control over impulsive or reactive tendencies. In turn, this helps us approach classroom management and discipline with awareness and emotional intelligence. Paired with the Seven Skills of Discipline, we can transform power struggles, defiance, bullying, aggression, and other indicators of tumultuous mental states into teaching opportunities that lead to lasting impact.


Discover how to bully-proof your school through emotional intelligence and a sense of belonging. The School Family model’s objective is to nurture a safe, healthy, positive school climate where intrinsic motivation, connection, and genuine helpfulness blossom naturally. You will learn the twelve classroom structures that are key to building inclusive, compassionate, aggression-free environments where learning and success thrive.

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    Who is the instructor Lety Valero:

    Lety Valero brings her 25+ years of experience in education to Conscious Discipline. Her impressive career spans teaching, school administration, and serving as the preschool director at an international school in Mexico City, Mexico. She travels the world presenting at national conferences in both English and Spanish, delivering the revolutionary power of Conscious Discipline to countless classrooms. Deeply committed to the emotional well-being of children, Lety created the beloved and effective Feeling Buddies toolkit to help children transcend communication barriers and develop vital self-regulation skills to navigate overwhelming or upsetting emotions.

    I have never attended your education events before. Should I attend?

    The Institute is a life-changing experience for attendees of all backgrounds and experience levels. Our teacher events are an interactive adventure. You will actively participate in a School Family for the duration of the teacher conference and experience the sense of safety, connection, and compassion that Conscious Discipline methods are built upon. Institute alumni often return to amplify their knowledge, enhance their implementation, form fresh connections, and help new arrivals. No matter where you are in your learning journey, joining our dynamic community of warm, committed attendees is an unrivaled experience worth having!

    Are on-site ticket purchases possible?

    Walk-ins are not preferred at our teacher events. If the event is sold out, walk-ins will be denied entry. If space permits, we will accommodate walk-ins to the best of our ability. Full payment is required prior to entering an event. Walk-ins must pay the standard registration fee plus a 20% administration fee.

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    What is needed for check-in?

    Please bring your order number to enter the event.

    Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO) for teacher events?

    Yes, we accept purchase orders (POs) for event registration. Please include the recipient name, address, PO number, itemized list, and matching order total in your PO.

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    Are substitutions allowed?

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    Will I receive an attendance certificate or credits?

    Yes! Upon completion of our Orlando teacher event, you will receive:

    • A certificate of attendance with the Event Title, Date and Location, Total Contact Hours of Education/Participation, and Course Code. This will be sent out within two weeks of the event’s culmination. Please contact the [email protected] or our Customer Care team if you have not received your certificate within this time frame.
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    What are scholarships and helper positions?

    • We proudly offer the Conscious Discipline Institute Scholarship, which you can apply for here separate from your registration. The Conscious Discipline Scholarship covers tuition fees and course materials for one Summer Institute, Advanced Institute, or National 2-day Workshop. It does not cover expenses beyond the learning materials (travel, accommodations, etc.). If selected, you must participate in all sessions of that program. Please understand that we may request you write a very brief article exploring your experience which will likely be published in our digital newsletter, announced in an email, and/or shared on our website. Scholarship applications are accepted up to 90 days prior to the launch of the workshop or Institute. Those selected will be notified by email 60-45 days before the event start date. For week-long Institutes, the closing date for scholarships may be different.
    • Conscious Discipline Institute graduates are eligible to apply for helper roles. Helpers are generally selected based on how much experience they have with Conscious Discipline. As a helper, your travel will be reimbursed up to $500. You will also receive free registration, lodging, and a daily per diem for meals. Helper selections can not be transferred.

    Do you offer military, student, or group discounts?

    We do not offer any sort of discounts, but you are welcome to apply for a helper or scholarship position.