Online Courses and Training

New e-Course offerings blend the core principles of Conscious Discipline with practical, age-specific implementation strategies in response to the unique impacts of COVID-19.

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Virtual Professional Development

Virtual coaching, training and consultation options that give you the flexibility to tailor digital content focus and depth to meet the needs of your school or district.

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Premium Digital Resources

Premium Digital Resource Memberships include 1 year of access to our most requested implementation tools including videos, audio series, make-n-takes, games and more.

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Webinar Library

Browse our collection of webinars from Dr. Becky Bailey and Master and Certified Instructors on a wide range of trending topics for educators and parents.

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New Online Training

Start Strong: SEL Foundations and Resiliency in Infants and Toddlers

Available in June 2020: This new online course provides caregivers, educators, mental health professionals and families with the relationship-based competencies needed to create a strong foundation for optimal brain development, resilience, mental health and social-emotional competence in ages 0-3.

Limited Time E-Course

Building Resiliency in Uncertain Times

Available in July 2020: This new limited-time offering features 30+ hours of core Conscious Discipline content and implementation strategies from Dr. Bailey and our Master Instructors addressing the unique emotional and behavioral needs arising from the brain’s response to uncertainty and instability in PreK through 5th Grade.

Free COVID-19 Resources for Families and Educators

It seems ironic that a virus that requires social distancing to slow its spread has drawn our attention to how intimately connected we truly are as friends, neighbors and communities. In response to COVID-19, we’ve developed over 150+ free webinars, printables, articles and more to support families and educators. You’ll find specific structures, helpful tips and practical tools that support an adult-first, child-second approach to building safety, connection and problem-solving in uncertain times.

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10-Session Online Course

Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes

2020 Teacher’s Choice Award Winner

This award-winning 10-session online course will guide you through the core methodology of Conscious Discipline, a leader in brain-based social-emotional learning that’s proven to build resilience in children, families, educators and schools.

Preliminary Evidence for Conscious Discipline Parenting Education Curriculum

Conscious Discipline Parent Education Curriculum Designated Research-Based

The Conscious Discipline Parent Education Curriculum (CD PEC) has been designated research-based by a team of independent reviewers. With the research-based designation, PEC fulfills the parent curriculum criteria outlined by the Office of Head Start. Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Sue Dierks said, “The designation also proves the effectiveness of the parenting curriculum. Research demonstrated that parents’ perspectives changed and new skills were developed, which led to improved parent-child relationships and decreased child behavior problems.”

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Dr. Becky A. Bailey

Learn more about author, educator, child development expert and founder of Conscious Discipline, Dr. Becky Bailey.

Instructor Network

Browse our network of Conscious Discipline Master and Certified Instructors, each personally selected, mentored and certified by Dr. Bailey.

Podcast Episode 061
Shifting from Punishment to Discipline

Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Christian Baschma

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Christian Baschma, who has facilitated the implementation of Conscious Discipline at a high school for children with special needs in the Netherlands. When Christian arrived, the school lacked safety and had a culture of fear and violence. Christian transformed the school’s “punishment room” into a “connection room.” He replaced the system of punishment and rewards with a Conscious Discipline-inspired system based on connection, safety and empathy. Listen in to learn more about how Christian led this shift—and how school culture was transformed.