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Safety. Connection. Problem-Solving.

Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Social Emotional Learning from Dr. Becky Bailey

For 20+ years, “We’re all in this together,” has been a core tenet of Conscious Discipline. It seems ironic that a virus that requires social distancing to slow its spread has drawn our attention to how intimately connected we truly are as friends, neighbors, communities and nations. Safety, connection and problem-solving are the most valuable contribution we can offer to those around us as we navigate these unprecedented times (and beyond). Breathe with me. We can handle this … together.


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Effective immediately, all levels of Conscious Discipline E-Course Site Licenses have been enhanced to better support virtual professional development. Now individual users can remotely access video sessions, participant guides and bonus resources from anywhere.

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This essential 3-session webinar series Understanding Trauma: Reaching and Teaching Children with Trauma with Dr. Becky Bailey available at NO COST for individual users for the next 90 days. Access over 120 minutes of video content, participant guides and more.

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Articles: Five Helpful Responses to COVID-19 for Families

Kids don’t say, “Beloved parent, I’m having difficulty in my daily life. I don’t fully understand what’s happening, I miss my friends, I’m afraid someone I know is going to die and it feels like life will never be normal again.” Instead, they throw tantrums, become clingy, sulk, backtalk, refuse to do anything you ask, wet the bed, pick fights with siblings and suddenly forget how to do basic tasks they mastered years ago.

Whew! Let’s step back, take a few deep breaths and learn a little about your child’s brain: Safety is the brain’s most basic need, followed closely by connection. When we feel unsafe or disconnected, our brains downshift from the higher centers responsible for learning and problem solving, to the lower reactionary centers. That’s why all those challenging behaviors are popping up, and why a minor frustration is now Titanic in size.

Featured Videos

Webinars: Conscious Discipline 101 for Parents with Amy Speidel

The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model provides the foundation for a toolset that empowers adults to recognize children’s internal states and help them shift to a state that’s conducive to learning and creative problem-solving. This process involves learning to respond to children differently than adults responded to us as we grew up. Join Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Amy Speidel for an overview of the Conscious Discipline skills, strategies and brain state model to get you started or continue growing in your journey to more peaceful parenting practices.

Free Printables

Social Story: Why Can’t I Go to School?

To keep staff and students safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, many schools around the world have closed their doors. For children, this abrupt disruption to routine can feel confusing and scary. Translated into six languages, this social story answers the question, “Why Can’t I Go to School?” in simple and reassuring terms.

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Social Story: Coronavirus Is a Big Word

In the wake of COVID-19, our normal way of life and our usual routines have been turned upside down. For children, these abrupt changes are especially confusing and scary, and so is the idea of a mysterious virus. Providing age-appropriate information soothes anxiety, and this simple social story gives you the words to use.

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Social Story: My School is Closed Right Now

Focused support for students experiencing homelessness. To keep staff and students safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, many schools around the world have closed their doors. This abrupt disruption to routine is confusing and scary for all children, but even more so for children experiencing homelessness.

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Social Story: Why Can’t We Have Our Home Visits?

Adapted for home educators, this simple social story uses age-appropriate language to answer the question, “Why Can’t We Have Our Home Visits?” in reassuring, age-appropriate language.

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Story Hand: Soothe Stress about COVID-19

This Story Hand is an adapted I Love You Ritual designed to help adults comfort and connect with children who are feeling scared or anxious about COVID-19. Begin with a gentle hand massage accompanied by a personalized social story.

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Guide to a Brain Smart Start for Our Day

Guide to a Brain Smart Start for Our Day

Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline Brain Smart Start consists of four activities designed to get children and adults in the optimal brain state for learning and problem-solving. These components include an activity to Unite, an activity to Disengage Stress, an activity to Connect and an activity to Commit.

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Learning Routines for Children

Establishing a set learning routine provides predictability and brain breaks that help increase focus and engagement. This template and accompanying sample routines will help you plan your daily learning routine.

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Family Cell Phone Parking Lot

Emphasize connection during mealtimes, family nights and other special family times by using the Family Cell Phone Agreement and Cell Phone Parking Lot pages included in this document.

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STOP / GO Signs for Working from Home

The STOP and GO door signs included here will help children (and other adults) respect your boundaries while you are working in the home. Includes a Conversation Starter that encourages cooperation and teaches children how to use the signs to respect boundaries.

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Memory Game: Breathing Choices

Memory Game Breathing Choices

S.T.A.R., Pretzel, Balloon and Drain are the four core strategies Conscious Disicpline teaches to encourage deep belly breathing. Enjoy a fun a memory game that provides ample breathing practice to help children learn this essential active calming and self-regulation skills.

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How I Can Help Keep it Safe At Home

How I Can Help Keep it Safe at Home

Being helpful creates a sense of purpose, accomplishment and wellbeing that is especially important during these uncertain times. This printable resource lists several ways that young children can contribute to safety and help the home run smoothly as families stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Caring Connections Calendar

Caring Connections Calendar

Authentic connection provides a buffer that softens the negative effects of stressful situations. The Caring Connections Calendar features activities that strengthen relationships by practicing kindness, being grateful and spending quality time with those we love.

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Lyric Sheets: Handwashing Songs

Proper handwashing is one of the simplest and most important ways to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. This printable resource includes lyrics and directions for songs children can sing while washing their hands.

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Handwashing Visual Procedures

Handwashing is one of the simplest and most important ways to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. Available in both English and Spanish, this printable resource provides step-by-step visual instructions for proper, effective handwashing.

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I Can Handle Scared Homemade Book

It can be difficult for children to handle big emotions like fear. They may experience loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, or headaches. When children feel scared, use this class-made book to help them manage their fear. This book teaches strategies that allow children to calm and feel safe.

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5 Steps to Self-Regulation Icons

Five Steps to Self-Regulation Icons

Self-regulation is essential for social, emotional, academic and life success. Help coach children in the five-step process with these icons for I Am, I Calm, I Feel, I Choose and I Solve. This download includes a brief explanation and a single page listing of the five steps.

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Free Resource: Shubert at Home

Shubert’s Home in Bug Valley offers practical, room-by-room examples of Conscious Discipline implementation in the home. Explore the Living Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms and more to discover tips, tools, tricks and videos designed to help parents and families bring the principles and practices of Conscious Discipline to life. Click through the 12 areas of Shubert’s Home to find valuable resources that will help you build a foundation of safety, connection and problem-solving in your family’s home.

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Podcasts: Real Talk for Real Teachers


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    Podcast: Managing Anxiety - Helping Children Name, Claim and Tame Their Distress

    In this episode, Jill Molli teaches us new skills as she shares her personal journey with her own anxiety and with helping her daughter manage similar feelings.

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    Podcast: Weaving I Love You Rituals into the Day

    Join Master Instructor Kim Hughes, a 30-plus year veteran of the education field, as she leads a session on making I Love You Rituals part of your day.

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    Podcast: Wishing Well to Heal from Tragedy and Loss

    In this episode, principal Kathy Spidle and teachers Julie Hoven and Miranda Richardson share how they used the Wish Well Ritual to keep the School Family connected and teach love, empathy and kindness during a tragic time.

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    Podcast: Teaching Conflict Resolution to Young Children

    Join Master Instructor Vicky Hepler as she leads a session on teaching conflict resolution in early childhood on this special episode of Real Talk for Real Teachers.

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    Podcast: Parenting with Conscious Discipline

    Listen as Ginny Luther, owner of Peaceful Parenting and retired Conscious Discipline Master Instructor of 18+ years, shares her story of parenting with Conscious Discipline.

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    Podcast: The Power and Potential of Faith

    Listen in as Master Instructor Amy Speidel shares her story of how faith and Conscious Discipline have intersected in her life.

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    Podcast: How to Help Children Manage Rage

    In this episode, Master Instructor Kim Jackson shares alternative strategies to help children understand and safely manage rage.

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