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Engage with Equity

New Online Course

Latoria Marcellus is passionate about having hard conversations concerning equity, language, and culture in the Conscious Discipline Family. A long-time Conscious Discipline practitioner and Certified Instructor, Latoria would often encounter a troubling sentiment about implementing Conscious Discipline in communities of color: “We don’t see ourselves in it.” In this series, Latoria and other professionals in diverse settings share how the core principles and concepts of Conscious Discipline have powerfully shaped how they show up in the world, and explore ways to center, value, and celebrate diverse expressions of Conscious Discipline practices. Join us in the conversation as we Engage with Equity. 

Stress to Success For Elementary Leadership

Educational leadership poses unique challenges. The pressures come from all directions as you seek to balance the needs of your community, students, staff, district administration and central office. Discover how to build stronger relationships, handle conflict, navigate healthy boundaries, and establish a Conscious Discipline practice that empowers you with the skillset and mindset to grow both you and your team.

Responding to Anger and Rage

Intense emotions require an equally intense focus on healing. Gain a better understanding of rage and anger’s differences, origins and impact, and explore solutions for managing yourself, deescalating intense situations, and facilitating recovery and healing for all involved.

Infant and Toddler Focused Online Training

Start Strong: SEL Foundations and Resiliency in Infants and Toddlers (Ages 0-3)

This online course provides caregivers, educators, mental health professionals and families with the relationship-based competencies needed to create a strong foundation for optimal brain development, resilience, mental health and social-emotional competence in ages 0-3.

Powers of Resilience

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) For Adults

In Dr. Becky Bailey’s SEL distance learning course Powers of Resilience: SEL for Adults, you’ll discover the proven path to: improving ALL relationships, managing behavior, systemic and sustainable Social Emotional Learning (SEL), equitable school cultures, and accelerated academics.

Handling Upset

The Adult-First Mindset Shift

There’s a fundamental flaw in many discipline approaches: The expectation that adults can teach skills we struggle with ourselves. Curriculums that provide words and actions for children without providing the words and actions for adults will always fall flat. We cannot effectively teach skills we do not practice ourselves! Empower yourself to change the “do as I say, not as I do” dynamic with Handling Upset: The Adult-first Mindset Shift.

Building Resilient Schools and Homes

Original 10 Session E-Course

This award-winning 10-session online course will guide you through the core methodology of Conscious Discipline, a leader in brain-based social-emotional learning that’s proven to build resilience in children, families, educators and schools.

Becky Bailey

E-Courses Facilitated by Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky Bailey and our Conscious Discipline Certified Instructors present content-rich virtual experiences that embody the enjoyment, enlightenment and practicality you’ve come to expect from Conscious Discipline. These self-paced offerings deliver experiental learning from our leading voices, plus digital resources, suggested readings and more.