Engage with Equity

Latoria Marcellus is passionate about having hard conversations concerning equity, language, and culture in the Conscious Discipline Family. A long-time Conscious Discipline practitioner and Certified Instructor, Latoria would often encounter a troubling sentiment about implementing Conscious Discipline in communities of color: “We don’t see ourselves in it.” In this series, Latoria and other professionals in diverse settings share how the core principles and concepts of Conscious Discipline have powerfully shaped how they show up in the world, and explore ways to center, value, and celebrate diverse expressions of Conscious Discipline practices. Join us in the conversation as we Engage with Equity. 

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What’s Included:

First of its Kind eLearning

An expert team leads on-screen participants and those participating via eLearning in 12+ hours of meaningful conversations about culture and Conscious Discipline. 

Digital/Printable Workbook 

A 80+ page workbook guides your learning with important concepts, key strategies and reflection activities.

Active Participation and Reflection

This content is centered around exploring Conscious Discipline practices through varied lenses, active participation and deep reflection. 

12+ hours of video, 80+ page workbook

Expand Your Perspective on Equity

Participate in an essential exploration of the differences between equity and equality, how that knowledge changes our perspective, and how we show up in the world differently after embracing it. Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Latoria Marcellus and experts like Rozlyn Grant, Tanyelle L. Hannah, Wendy Reynoso, Angela Shelton, and Yvonne Watkins as they facilitate this digital eLearning offering designed to create meaningful change.  

  • Learn how the language we use can make or break our connections with others, and utilize this information to build deeper relationships based on equity and trust. 
  • Explore how the language and application of Conscious Discipline may look in different cultures and through different lenses while still maintaining fidelity in spirit, philosophy and practice. 
  • Identify your own internal bias and uncover specific practices that empower you to respond in ways that deescalate and heal rather than escalating and deepening the hurt. 
  • Reflect on your own individual experiences with equity and explore how these experiences have shaped how you show up in the world and your interactions with others.  
  • Apply specific Conscious Discipline practices and skills to engage in ways that feel authentic and genuine to you. 

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A convergence of culture and Conscious Discipline in a way that feels inclusive, supportive, and honoring of each person’s unique journey.

“We all have had different experiences at home, at school, and within our community that make us who we are today. Our diverse cultural experiences and language enrich our expression of the Conscious Discipline tenets and widen our reach.” 

– Latoria Marcellus, on Engage with Equity

Individual and Group Options

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Meet Your Facilitators

Latoria Marcellus

Latoria Marcellus

Latoria Marcellus is a champion for education with 18+ years of experience in addition to her credentials as a non-profit founder, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, and equity coach.