Based on Four Essential Components Scientifically and Practically Designed for Success:

Conscious Discipline Brain State Model

The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model recognizes three basic brain / body / mind states likely to produce certain behaviors. Intentional, state-specific responses enable access to advanced skills.

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Seven Powers for Conscious Adults

The seven powers create a shift in the way adults see conflict so we can maintain composure and consciously respond to difficult situations. Adults’ ability to self-regulate is the precursor to teaching children social-emotional skills.

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Creating the School Family

The School Family increases connections between adults and children at all levels, ensuring optimal development and learning for all. A School Family culture is built through consistent modeling of routines, rituals and structures.

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Seven Skills of Discipline

These seven skills transform everyday discipline issues into teachable moments, equipping children with the social-emotional and communication skills needed to manage themselves, resolve conflict and develop healthy behavior.

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Preliminary Evidence for Conscious Discipline Parenting Education Curriculum

NEW: Conscious Discipline Parenting Education Curriculum Yields Positive Outcomes

In a research study by ChildTrends, Conscious Discipline’s parenting education curriculum was found to improve parenting knowledge and skills, increase parents’ ability to manage their own emotions and respond to children’s challenging behaviors, and improve emotional management and behavior in children. Notably, parents reported using Conscious Discipline skills and strategies more consistently six to eight weeks after parenting classes than immediately after classes concluded. Parents reported feeling happier, less frustrated and more interested in connecting with their children. Both directors and parents noted a positive change in the school-home connection.

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Kids Playing on Fence

Conscious Discipline Partners with Child Trends

Conscious Discipline, a leader in social-emotional learning and classroom management best practices, has engaged Child Trends as a research partner. Child Trends will collaborate with Conscious Discipline to develop a coordinated approach to research.

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Conscious Discipline Recognized by the NREPP

Conscious Discipline was recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), which promotes the adoption of scientifically established behavioral health interventions.

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Dr. Becky Bailey Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Frog Street honored Dr. Becky Bailey with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Frog Street is a provider of curriculums and professional development resources for early childhood educators.

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