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Method + Research

Learn more about the four essential components that form the foundation of Conscious Discipline and the research that supports our powers, structures and strategies.

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About our Company

Discover how Conscious Discipline began in 1996 as the “brain-child” of Dr. Becky Bailey and Kate O’Neil. Gain an insightful and exciting view of our remarkable growth and transformational results.

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About Dr. Becky Bailey

Learn more about Dr. Becky Bailey, a remarkable educator, author and speaker, and the creator of Conscious Discipline. Browse her experience, education, publications and awards.

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20th Anniversary

We’re celebrating – and hope you’ll join the party! Discover interactive fun facts about the Conscious Discipline organization and the impact we’ve had on children and adults in our 20+ years.

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News & Media Coverage


Madison child care center uses an unconventional way of teaching that teachers say works

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Take a peek inside a Madison, WI school that brings children from diverse backgrounds together to receive the best academic and social-emotional education possible. “If you want children who can work together and solve problems, then we need to start actually having children work together and solve problems… with Conscious Discipline.”

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Mama in The Now

A Simple Solution to End Separation Anxiety

MAMA IN THE NOW – A parenting class with Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Ginny Luther helped one Mom understand her son’s separation anxiety, approach it differently and provide the predictability he needed to manage it. See the practical tool she and her son’s preschool used to encourage his safety and independence while at school.

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Mom’s Everyday Conscious Discipline

AUGUST 2017 – The Playing Field crosses the socio-economic divide to meet all children’s needs with quality early childhood education as a Conscious Discipline School Family. Learn more about this unique program in Madison, WI and an upcoming event.

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Navigating Social Emotional Learning

Conscious Discipline Excels in Harvard Analysis of Top 25 SEL Programs

MAY 2017 – HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, In a study published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and funded by The Wallace Foundation, Conscious Discipline was found to be one of only three SEL programs that focuses 75% or more of its content on Emotion/Behavior Regulation and Emotion Knowledge/Expression, and one of only 13 programs that focuses 50% or more its content on Interpersonal Skills. Conscious Discipline received high ratings in 8 of 10 categories. The study’s authors say, “Conscious Discipline provides an array of behavior management strategies and classroom structures that teachers can use to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities.”

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Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Bailey Receives 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from Frog Street

JULY 2017 – At the SPLASH 2017 conference, Frog Street honored Dr. Becky Bailey with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Frog Street is a provider of curriculums and professional development resources for early childhood educators. Conscious Discipline and Frog Street have partnered to create multiple programs, including the nation’s first 52-week Comprehensive Toddler Program. These bilingual curriculums integrate Conscious Discipline’s social-emotional learning with academic readiness lessons that optimize key windows for children’s growth and development.

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Child Trends

Conscious Discipline Partners with Child Trends for Enhanced Research Support

AUGUST 2017 – Conscious Discipline, a leader in social-emotional learning and classroom management best practices, has engaged Child Trends as a research partner. Child Trends will collaborate with Conscious Discipline to develop a coordinated approach to research, identify funding and expand Conscious Discipline’s representation on evidence-based registries.

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Conscious Discipline Recognized in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

NOVEMBER 2015 – Conscious Discipline is now recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), which promotes the adoption of scientifically established behavioral health interventions. NREPP is the gold standard for identifying research-based interventions.

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Kennedy Center Honors

Conscious Discipline Instructor Wins Prestigious Kennedy Center Award

CBS EVENING NEWS – Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, Donna Porter from Picayune, MS, won the National 2012 Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award. Only 10 teachers were chosen from around the country for this prestigious honor. Watch the interview below.

Web MD

WebMD: Why Kids Whine and How To Stop Them

WEBMD – Educator and developmental psychologist Dr. Becky Bailey offers insights and strategies for whining on WebMD. When whining occurs, take a deep breath and remember the goal behind the behavior: Whining isn’t just to irritate you: it’s actually a call for help. Respond with “I” statements and address the core issues behind the whining.

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Better Homes & Gardens

Seven Secrets of Successful Discipline

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS – “Discipline is not about controlling or demeaning a child,” says Becky Bailey, psychologist from Oviedo, Florida, and author of Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (2000). “Discipline is about helping children be successful. Not focusing on what they did not do, but focusing on what you want them to do.”

Parent & Child

Scholastic Parent & Child: Kindness Counts

SCHOLASTIC – Recent research shows that kindness counts in more ways than the obvious growth of morality. We are not meant to be completely independent nor dependent, but to give and receive in mutual interdependence. Read more in a comprehensive Scholastic article based on Conscious Discipline.

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Web MD

Gentle Discipline Tips

WEB MD – Dr. Becky Bailey, Martha Heineman Pieper, and Jane Nelsen are leaders in the positive discipline movement. Together, they share eight quick, gentle and easy tips to help with parenting young children through the challenging toddler years.

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Region 8 News

Teachers Learn Why Students Do What They Do

REGION 8, JONESBORO, AR (ABC) – Teachers at Greene County Tech Preschool are learning why kids do the things they do. Teachers are now applying the Conscious Discipline Program into their classrooms with about 240 children.

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Conscious Discipline Creator Dr. Becky Bailey Sees Philosophy in Action

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Schools across the world use Conscious Discipline in their classrooms. Today, the creator of that philosophy came to North Bay Elementary in Biloxi to see her program in action.

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WLOX Mississippi Logo

Creator of Conscious Discipline Pays First Visit to South Mississippi School

BILOXI, MIS (WLOX) – The founder of a popular program that’s being used in classrooms across the country made her first visit to a South Mississippi school Friday. Dr. Becky Bailey is the creator of Conscious Discipline. She is also an award-winning author and early childhood education expert who just wants to turn schools into a safe, positive environment for children.

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Parent Map

Alternatives in Discipline

PARENT MAP – Dr. Becky Bailey, Alfie Kohn and other leaders in childhood behavior weigh in on effective new approaches to common discipline practices like punishment, spanking and time out.

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Your Teen

Your Teen: Interview with Dr. Becky Bailey

YOUR TEEN: FOR PARENTS – It’s normal to struggle with disciplining a teenager. Conscious Discipline is based on the idea that parents can develop discipline within their teenagers rather than impose discipline on them. Intrigued? We certainly were.

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