August 2017

Conscious Discipline, a leader in social-emotional learning and classroom management best practices, has engaged Child Trends as a research partner. Child Trends will come alongside Conscious Discipline to develop a coordinated approach to research, identify funding and expand Conscious Discipline’s representation on evidence-based registries.

Child Trends is the nation’s leading nonprofit research organization focused exclusively on improving the lives and prospects of children, youth, and their families. For 37 years, decision makers have relied on our rigorous research, unbiased analyses, and clear communications to improve public policies and interventions that serve children and families.

Beginning in spring of 2017, Child Trends began working with Conscious Discipline leadership to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop a coordinated research plan to strengthen publicly available information about the efficacy of Conscious Discipline
  2. Identify funding to support implementation of the research plan
  3. Provide support for Conscious Discipline’s representation on evidence-based registries
  4. Facilitate research to support an assessment of CD implementation and outcomes

As part of this role, Conscious Discipline has asked Child Trends to meet with current and prospective researchers to learn about their studies. Conscious Discipline will create and maintain a master catalog all active and completed research. Conscious Discipline is also interested in learning more about proposed research questions, designs, data collection tools, analysis plans and dissemination of results.

Child Trends encourages the submission of any past research. If you or your organization are currently conducting a study or considering conducting a study, our team would value the opportunity connect and discuss the scope of your work. In doing so, Child Trends will ensure accurate representation in our master research catalogue and provide support to respond to questions, requests for input or information regarding specific research efforts.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to identify, strengthen and support research efforts involving Conscious Discipline, providing robust support and setting up teams for success!