Parenting Education Curriculum Yields Positive Outcomes

In a research study by ChildTrends, Conscious Discipline’s parenting education curriculum was found to improve parenting knowledge and skills, increase parents’ ability to manage their own emotions and respond to children’s challenging behaviors, and improve emotional management and behavior in children.

Parent Education Curriculum Results Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

The peer- reviewed Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning (JRIT&L) has published a Child Trends study describing changes in parental attitudes and behaviors following participation in Conscious Discipline’s Parent Education Curriculum at four Head Start Programs.

A Researched-Based Curriculum that Meets the Criteria Established by the Office of Head Start (OHS)

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jill Molli and Head Start Director Sue Dierks respond to questions about the new Parent Education Curriculum and address how Conscious Discipline meets the new standards defined by the National Head Start Association.

More about the Parent Education Curriculum

Conscious Discipline is not just for teachers. Learn how to increase connection, self-regulation and positive behavior management in your home, resulting in a happier and healthier home environment. For childcare centers, our Parenting Education Curriculum strengthens the school-home connection by enabling you to share Conscious Discipline skills with parents.

Conscious Discipline’s Parent Education Curriculum Designated Research-Based

February 2020 – The Conscious Discipline Parent Education Curriculum (CD PEC) has been designated “research-based” by a team of independent reviewers. Since 2017, The Office of Head Start (OHS) has required Head Start programs to offer a parent curriculum. OHS provides requirements and regulations for parent curricula. The new designation is listed in the Office of Head Start’s Parenting Curricula Database. With the research-based designation, Conscious Discipline’s Parent Education Curriculum fulfills the criteria outlined by OHS.

Curriculum Packages

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