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Schools continue to navigate deep challenges. Persistent stress, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health concerns can have a significant impact on behavior in the classroom. These issues can also affect teacher retention, educator recruitment issues, learning gaps, ineffective interventions for students, and ever-present school safety concerns. Our 2024 education conference Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities unlocks the door to a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling future!

Our pandemic and post-pandemic experiences have helped us see more clearly where shifts in adult mindset and upgrades to our interventions for students are needed. Conscious Discipline has been a leader in the teacher professional development space for more than 25 years and has offered teachers and administrators the fresh perspectives and strategies needed to address even the deepest challenges effectively.

Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities is a professional development conference for educators, by educators. We have enlisted active teachers, specialists, and administrators from across the nation to ensure you have the best education conference experience possible. Our practical, inspiring sessions spanning different age-based and specialty tracks will help you craft a comprehensive and personalized plan to meet today’s challenges with compassion, community, and lasting educational success.

We are also offering a special pre-conference add-on! Make the most of your Elevate experience by attending a preconference session that explores foundational concepts of Conscious Discipline. We highly recommend this preconference session for attendees with limited prior experience with the Conscious Discipline method.

Elevate Conscious Discipline Teacher Conference in Las Vegas | October 2024
Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV,-89109
Starting on
October 23, 2024
Ending on
October 25, 2024
Join our educator convention at the Westgate Las Vegas to learn how Conscious Discipline can elevate the opportunities in your school.
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  • Location:
    • Las Vegas, NV
  • Facilitators:
    • Dr. Becky Bailey
    • Latoria Marcellus
    • Lety Valero
    • Dr. Lori Desautels
    • DJ Batiste
    • Session Guide

Meet Your Keynote Speakers

Dr. Becky Bailey

Orlando, Florida

Creator of Conscious Discipline

Latoria G. Marcellus

Latoria Marcellus

Dayton, OH

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Lety Valero

Lety Valero


Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Dr. Lori Desautals

Dr. Lori Desautels

Assistant Professor for Butler University

DJ Batiste

DJ Batiste

Relationship Advocate & Inspirational Speaker


Session Guide

More Information About This Event

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    Conference Schedule

    elevate 2024 professional development event schedule
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    Session Guide

    Session Grade Level Presenter
    A Regulated and Resourced Educator Makes for a Healthy School Family Elementary, Secondary Anne Marshall and Jacqui Grider
    Baby Doll Circle Time: Attune and Play Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE Amy Brakenhoff, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Starting from the Bottom Elementary Middle "Erica Reynolds and Vernisha Howard"
    Building a School Family in PreK PreK Rehana Kinderman
    Building a School Family in Elementary Elementary Jennie Gries, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Building a School Family in Middle School Secondary Chris Steindorff
    Coaching Bootcamp: Strengthen Your Conscious Discipline Skills to Support Staf Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE, Elementary, Secondary Jenny Spencer, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Coaching from Chaos to Calm: Supporting Educators through Social-Emotional Learning Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE, Elementary Jenette Mulholland
    Coaching Your Staff the Conscious Discipline Way Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE, Elementary Lisa Brull
    Communicating with Co-workers: Stop Gossiping and Start Finding Solutions Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE Mandy Lloyd, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Conflict Resolution: Use Your Big Voice in PreK PreK Rehana Kinderman
    Conflict Resolution: Your Big Voice and Tattling as a Teaching Tool in Elementary Elementary Amy Brakenhoff, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Conscious Discipline for Every Learner: Teaching Young Children with Disabilities Infant/Toddler, PreK, Admin: ECE Rebecca Vitelli
    Conscious Discipline for Every Learner: Teaching Older Children with Neurodiversity Elementary, Secondary Cassie Gerst, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Conscious Discipline in Middle Schools & Secondary Schools Secondary Pennie Erskins and Jessica Casteel
    Contagious Transformation in the Midst of the Storm: Transforming Yourself, Your Campus, and Your Organization Admin: ECE Katie Moran
    Creating a Conscious Discipline Action Team (CDAT) that Drives Implementation Admin: ECE Katie Moran
    Creating a School Family Culture with K-8 Staff: School climate impacts all achievement! Administration Amy Niemeier
    Creating a Safe Place: Teaching Self-Regulation in Early Childhood Classrooms PreK Lisa Brull
    Creating a Safe Place for Self-Regulation with Elementary Students Elementary Alissa McGraw, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Creating a School Family Culture with Early Childhood Staff Admin: ECE Megan Shea-Bates, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Creating a School Family Culture with K-5 Staf Admin: Elementary Angela Shelton, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Creating a School Family and the Use of Conscious Discipline in After-School Programs Elementary Cassie Gerst, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Creating a School Family and the Use of Conscious Discipline in Non-Traditional Classroom Settings Elementary, Secondary Anne Marshall and Jacqui Grider
    Creating a School Family Culture with Secondary Staf Admin: Secondary Afton Schleiff, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    District-Wide Transformational Planning Admin: ECE Anne Marshall and Dr. BeAnn Younker
    Equity, Culture and Conscious Discipline All Angela Shelton, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Grab Your Shades All Amy Brakenhoff, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Growing Leaders: Building Sustainability through Mentoring Admin: ECE Jenny Spencer, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and Emily Nauth
    Holding Space for Challenging Behaviors within the School Family PreK, Admin: ECE, Elementary Megan Shea-Bates, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Finding Positive Intent for Behaviors that Activate Fear and Anxiety in Adults All Audiences Lynn Young and Tabbi Price
    Integrating Conscious Discipline with RTI/MTSS Elementary, Secondary Dr. Jenny Barkac, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    It’s Not About "Buying In;" It's About Inspiration: Leading for Transformational Change Admin: ECE Beth Schendel, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting Infant/Toddler Joan Morgenstern
    Problem Solving: Teaching Toddlers Social Skills Infant/Toddler Mindy Becker, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Reimagining ISS with a C.A.R.E. Room: Supporting Self-Regulation Elementary, Secondary Anne Marshall and Kristen Chesterman
    The Right Amount of Tension: Accountability and the Power of Love: Having Courageous Conversations with Staff Admin: ECE Beth Schendel, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Self-Regulation Skills for Tier 2 Intervention in the Secondary Setting Secondary Penny Erskin and Jessica Casteel
    Speaking Conscious Discipline at the Secondary Level Secondary Chris Steindorff
    Strengthening Adult Executive Function to Support Scholar Success: Conscious Discipline starts with you Elementary, Secondary Jacqui Grider and Ryan Habben
    Teaching Self-Regulation and the Feeling Buddies PreK, Elementary Lety Valero, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Tools for Building Sustainable Conscious Discipline Habits All Dr. Valerie Parker, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Transformational Change Framework: Implementation Strategies for Success Admin: ECE Diane Phelan, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Using a M.A.P. and Visuals for Safety and Success in PreK PreK Rebecca Vitelli
    Using a M.A.P. and Visuals for Safety and Success in Elementary Elementary Jenette Mulholland
    Using Conscious Discipline Skills to Teach SEL lessons Secondary Tracy Skripka, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Using Conscious Discipline to Reduce Teacher Turnover and Increase Retention Admin: ECE Tym Smith, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    Using Visuals to Support Infants and Toddlers Infant/Toddler Mindy Becker, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor
    We Are All in This Together: Supporting Executive Function Skills Elementary Jennie Gries, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

    Session Guide

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    Elevate Conscious Discipline will be hosted at the:

    Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
    3000 Paradise Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    (702) 732-5111

    Special rate is available until September 30, 2024 – limited rooms are available so don’t delay booking!

    Use this link to reserve your room

    Event Parking: Complimentary self parking

    Airport & Transportation

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    How can Conscious Discipline empower me in the classroom?

    Conscious Discipline was created by teachers, for teachers after years of experiencing a system full of hurting children and frustrated adults. We’re focused on proven strategies that can improve executive function and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills for all students. Our teacher conferences help reduce educator burnout, provide essential professional development opportunities, and introduce regulating practices for many situations. Beyond our educator conference options, we also offer eCourses, free tools, and a wealth of factual knowledge for all educators to use.

    How has the organization been recognized?

    We are an award-winning organization. In 2020, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) named Conscious Discipline as CASEL’s SELect program designation. Learn more about our story here.

    How do I know if I’m registered?

    All attendees must have a confirmation order number with them onsite when they register for the educator event to be provided entry.

    • For individuals: Emails will be sent with a confirmation number when you complete your purchase.
    • For teams: The purchaser for the team will be responsible for sending the registration link to their team members. Once they complete this form and register, team members will receive their order confirmation emails.

    If you have not received this confirmation email, please contact our Customer Care team.

    Can I buy my teacher conference tickets on the same day?

    We will accommodate walk-ins as space allows provided that full payment is provided before entry (plus the additional 20% administration fee); however, our teacher events are often waitlisted. We do not allow entry for new walk-ins if the event is sold out.

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    We do not offer military discounts, student discounts, or group discounts for our teacher conferences and workshops; however, we do offer special prices for scholarship members and helpers:

    • Scholarship seats cover tuition fees and course materials for educator conferences and conferences, but not travel, accommodations, or meals. Also, discount packages are not covered. Note that selections are non-transferable, meaning that if you are selected for a seat in one teacher conference and cannot make it, you will need to submit another application for a different educator conference or event.
    • Helpers will be provided free registration, lodging, per diem meals, and travel up to $500 for attendance days. As with scholarship seats, helper selections are non-transferable between teacher events.
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    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance about two weeks after our teacher conference.
    CEU-eligible events are based on the length of training (10 contact/training hours = 1 CEU). 1 CEU costs $99.00 to purchase through Concordia University. Attendees who wish to obtain CEUs must apply through CUW. The Elevate course code is EDGP 5107. For questions, please contact [email protected] or our Customer Care team.

  • plus minus A Different Approach to Education Conferences


    An interest article by Jenny Shannon


    A new school year brings a new set of challenges, and the feedback from returning educators is clear: While we’ve made great strides, educators still lack many of the supports they need. Schools continue to navigate persistent stress, anxiety, trauma and other mental health concerns among students and staff. Teachers are faced with issues such as escalating behavior problems in the classroom, achievement gaps, behavior plans for defiant students and a multitude of other interventions for students. The professional landscape includes challenges in teacher recruitment and retention, school safety concerns, and persistent feelings of a lack of agency. There has never been a stronger need for change, both inside and out.

    Unlike other professional development conferences or education conferences in 2023 that attempt to address these issues without providing comprehensive solutions, Elevate Conscious Discipline provides practical and evidence-based solutions for a healthier, more fulfilling future for teachers and students alike!

    Purposefully scheduled in the month of October, Elevate arrives at the perfect time in the school year when you know your students well enough to identify their needs, and when you still have plenty of time to provide the behavior management strategies, practical skills, meaningful practices and mindset shifts required to assist them in making the school year a success.



    We know you’ve been to plenty of conferences geared toward educators already— You want to grow in your practice and in your field, and your administrator encourages that desire. (Also, your state mandates a certain amount of continuing education.) You research conferences and workshops closest to your home, and ones that might be applicable to the age/grade demographic you instruct. It’s difficult to choose a topic and specification considering the plethora of challenges you faced the year before, but you finally settle on one you feel hopeful about. You show up excited to attend an educational leadership conference, or one of the advertised “best education conferences,” until you discover that none of the keynote speakers have ever taught a class or held a position in education administration.

    You’re feeling skeptical and disappointed. How could what they offer be relevant or helpful for what you are facing when they’ve never walked in your shoes? How can someone provide guidance for a behavior intervention plan for tantrums, make suggestions on positive behavioral supports, or inspire lasting change when they have never been in the classroom? How could a conference on one specific issue help you face all of the rest of the challenges waiting for you upon your return?

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could hear stories, experiences, applications and effective strategies from someone in your position who has navigated the same challenges you have? What if there was just one conference that covered it all:

    • Interactive, inspiring and engaging teaching
    • Educator-driven keynotes, breakout sessions and demonstration classrooms
    • Evidence-based, relevant content
    • An effective system or practice that can be applied to all challenges not just classroom management
    • A take-away behavior intervention plan to follow and implement directly upon return
    • Time devoted to practicing the skills, strategies and techniques learned
    • A safe, connected, inspiring atmosphere that honors and celebrates you as an educator



    At Conscious Discipline, we respect educators for the experts they are and trust that they know their own needs the best. This is why Elevate Conscious Discipline is a conference for educators, by educators, and why it has gained traction as one of the best educational conferences in 2023.

    Active teachers, specialists and administrators from across the nation enlighten this conference experience with practical, inspiring sessions spanning eight different tracks to highlight the age and grade that you are most impacted by. But it doesn’t end with the attendance of some powerful speaking engagements and a renewed spirit to return with a shift in perspective.

    Conscious Discipline wants to ensure you are prepared with tools to implement our practice, which is why participants at Elevate collaborate with seasoned professionals to develop a comprehensive and personalized plan to meet today’s challenges with compassion, community and lasting educational success. We not only want to renew your passion and inspire you to move forward, but to equip educators with a comprehensive road map for navigating the complexities of the modern world and progress in your transformational journey with Conscious Discipline.

    Our pandemic and post-pandemic experiences made a few things very clear:

    1. Some of the ways we’ve “always done things” creates more problems than it solves.
    2. If we are going to thrive as educators and administrators, we need to be curious about the long-term outcome of the way we perceive student behavior, systems of reward/punishment, wellness and mental health, and our expectation that children be able to utilize skills we struggle with — and actively seek to change the methods that no longer serve.

    To embark on a truly transformational journey that will change your life and the lives of the students you serve, it all comes down to an upgrade in mindset, skills and ability. For 25+ years, Conscious Discipline has been a leader in this space, offering educators, administrators, parents and professionals the fresh perspectives and the proven strategies necessary to address even the deepest challenges effectively. Rather than focusing on behavior modification of the student, Conscious Discipline’s centralized focus is on the adult in the room; knowing that if students are to have any hope of regulation, their educators must first regulate themselves. Elevate Conscious Discipline explores resilience, self-regulation, practical implementation, skill building and more.

    In a world where conferences and workshops designed for educators are often absent of educators themselves, Elevate shines as a beacon of hope, relevance and practical application. If you’ve had enough of Band-Aids, quick fixes, mandates and curricula adjustments that never hold, renew your passion and purpose with like-minded educators at Elevate.

  • plus minus Elevate Conscious Discipline 2024: Embrace Possibilities

    Conscious Discipline 2024: Embrace Possibilities in Las Vegas, NV is around the corner! We couldn’t be more excited about this incredible opportunity for educators worldwide to experience this dedicated time of deep connection, renewal and fresh perspectives. This year’s event boasts a variety of accomplished keynote speakers such as Dr. Becky Bailey, Latoria Marcellus, Lety Valero, DJ Batiste and Dr. Lori DeSautels and will be emceed by the talented Kenedria (Kiki) Thurman. There is no doubt that Elevate 2024 will deliver a strong case for teacher conference of the year, based on the wild success of last year’s event…READ MORE.

Here's What You'll Learn:


Sustained pressures and stressors can take a toll on educators. Our methods will help you establish brain-compatible practices in order to help foster connection, cooperation, self-regulation, improved mental health, and academic achievement. Attend this teacher conference to see how Conscious Discipline’s principles of evidence-based strategies, reflection-based growth, and playful connections can elevate your teaching methods!


Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities is designed for administrators, teachers, social workers, school psychologists, and counselors at the early childhood through middle school level. It is appropriate for educators at any stage of Conscious Discipline awareness and implementation.


Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities is a pivotal conference for educators created by educators. Certified instructors, teachers, administrators, and specialists will lead sessions in different learning tracks. Each session is geared toward helping you re-envision your practices and will offer sustainable strategies to meet your needs. Riveting keynotes provide inspiration and information you can bring back to your district.


Add a half-day Introduction to Conscious Discipline enrichment option to maximize your experience! This pre-conference overview is perfect for beginning practitioners, as well as those seeking to build a stronger foundation in Conscious Discipline.

Embrace the possibility of transformative change - a change that starts with you!

Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities brings Conscious Discipline to life, not only in theory but also in practice. Keynote addresses will bring you to your feet with excitement and inspiration, while sessions feature an evidence-based “how to” format taught by administrators, teachers and specialists. Between sessions, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned by exploring solution demonstrations using Conscious Discipline products and resources. This exciting conference experience will teach you how to:

  • Create a culture of trust, connection, and healing that cultivates the emotional safety students require to succeed both academically and socially.
  • Respond proactively, compassionately, and skillfully to the dramatic increase in the quantity and severity of behavioral challenges students are experiencing.
  • Develop a plan that addresses the self-regulation, wellness, achievement, and growth needs of all stakeholders in the school, including teachers, administrators, support staff, students and families.
  • Feel confident in your ability to meet your needs as well as the needs of your students and families, even during the most difficult times.
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