Responding to Anger and Rage

Intense emotions require an equally intense focus on healing. Gain a better understanding of rage and anger’s differences, origins and impact, and explore solutions for managing yourself, deescalating intense situations, and facilitating recovery and healing for all involved.

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What’s Included:

Digitally Attend a Sold-Out Event with Dr. Becky Bailey

Originally recorded in Seattle, you can now participate digitally as Dr. Becky Bailey, Kim Jackson and Nicole Mercer deliver 9+ hours of foundational information, mindset shifts, best practices, and long- and short-term strategies for responding to anger and rage.

Digital/Printable Workbook

Enjoy Responding to Anger and Rage in a self-paced digital environment while following along in a downloadable and printable workbook. This 70+ page workbook guides your learning with important concepts, key strategies and reflection activities.

Activities and Self-Reflection to Bring Each Session to Life

This digital event features Dr. Becky Bailey’s knowledgeable, real-world teaching style that intertwines deep knowledge with practical application and ample prompts for reflecting on a personal level.

9+ hours of video, 70+ page workbook

Empower Yourself to Make Positive Changes

Participate in an essential exploration of anger and rage that will change how you see and handle all forms of upset. Join Dr. Becky Bailey, the founder of Conscious Discipline, with Certified Instructor Kim Jackson and Certified Instructor Nicole Mercer in a digital eLearning offering recorded at the sold-out Responding to Anger and Rage live event in Seattle, Washington.

  • Learn the origins, characteristics and purpose of anger, and utilize this information to manage your own internal states and respond to others’ anger effectively.
  • Identify how and why rage is different than anger, and discover specific practices that empower you to respond in ways that deescalate and heal rather than escalating and deepening the hurt.
  • Learn about our emotional guidance system, reflect on the three modes of emotional socialization (modeling, responding and instruction), and explore how our experiences impact how we express our feelings.
  • Apply the Five Steps for Self-Regulation in the context of anger and make a plan for implementing them in your workplace.
  • Discover the foundational components and intent behind a Calming And Recovery Environment (C.A.R.E.) as an alternative to or enhancement for In School Suspension, and learn how to utilize it to help children who experience rage.

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We Have the Choice to Shift From Avoiding and Suppressing to Embracing and Changing

The uptick in anger and rage that we’re seeing and experiencing is a progression from the fear, loss and uncertainty of the pandemic. It provides a means to propel us forward. When we learn to recognize, honor and act constructively on the important messages embedded in these feelings, we are able to create the lasting change we so deeply desire for ourselves and the children in our care.

– Dr. Becky Bailey, on Responding to Anger and Rage

Individual and Group Options

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Meet Your Facilitators

Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky Bailey

Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, renowned teacher and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology. She touches thousands of lives each year through live events. Over 2.5M of her top-selling books are in circulation, and Conscious Discipline has impacted an estimated 20M children. A pioneer in social and emotional learning, Dr. Bailey has a proven track record of success spanning more than 30 years.

Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson is a master teacher who is dedicated to providing the very best learning experiences possible for each child in her care. She graduated from Winthrop University with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She has been teaching and coaching in the public schools of North and South Carolina for over 23 years and is a national trainer and keynote speaker.

Nicole Mercer

Nicole Mercer

Nicole Mercer is passionate about empowering parents and educators with skills and information that allow them to bring the best of who they are to classroom and home. She has been integrating and practicing the skills of Conscious Discipline in her personal and work life since 2003. Nicole was an early childhood teacher for 15 years and has worked with elementary age children through summer camps and substitute teaching during the school year.