Stress to Success For Elementary Leadership

Educational leadership poses unique challenges. The pressures come from all directions as you seek to balance the needs of your community, students, staff, district administration and central office. Discover how to build stronger relationships, handle conflict, navigate healthy boundaries, and establish a Conscious Discipline practice that empowers you with the skillset and mindset to grow both you and your team. This Conscious Conversation takes a unique approach to eLearning by opening with foundational content with Director of Development Jill Molli, followed by insightful back-and-forth as Jill and Principal Jordan Williamson process how applying that content plays out in their lives. 

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What’s Included:

First of its Kind eLearning

Experts in Education Administration invite you into a meaningful conversation about self-regulation and connection during times of conflict and stress 

Digital/Printable Workbook 

A comprehensive workbook guides your learning and growth with important concepts, key strategies, and reflection activities. 

Leadership-centered Practices

Explore Conscious Discipline practices in relation to elementary education administration, providing opportunities for regulation, reflection, and growth.

10+ hours of video, 60+ page workbook

Meaningful Support for Elementary Education Administrators

Participate in an enriching conversation in which we celebrate education administrators as a force for change, while simultaneously honoring their deep need for support. Join Jill Molli and Jordan Williamson as they facilitate this unique eLearning offering designed to create meaningful change through Conscious Discipline implementation on a personal level. 

  • Learn how the foundational powers and Skills of Conscious Discipline affect personal growth and change, inspiring an outward transformation in your home and place of work. 
  • Explore how the knowledge of the Brain State Model can change your perception of staff and student behavior.  
  • Identify the underlying causes of anger and upset, how to shift your perspective and responses, and how to effectually de-escalate conflict.  
  • Reflect on what self-regulation is and understand why implementing a self-regulation practice is critical for the health, safety and well-being of your students, staff, and community. 
  • Apply the concept that implementing Conscious Discipline is a deeply personal, imperfect process of reflection, growth, missteps, and learning. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”- Jordan Williamson 

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Education leaders and administrators are powerful forces for change, and are deserving of deep and meaningful support on the pathway to success.

Administrators innovate and transform; through patience, support and curiosity, they can see beyond the noise and stress to the success ahead.

– Jill Molli, on Stress to Success

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Meet Your Facilitators

Jill Molli

Jill Molli

Jill Molli has a B.A. in elementary education, a master’s degree in counseling and 20+ years as a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. She currently serves as the Director of Development for Conscious Discipline, a position in which she is committed to providing individuals, schools, districts, and organizations with the support necessary for Conscious Discipline implementation and fidelity. Jill possesses a gift for delivering the transformative message of Conscious Discipline with humor, direct application, and relatability.

Jordan Williamson

Jordan Williamson

Jordan Williamson is dedicated to the betterment of the lives of students, staff, and all he encounters. His wealth of experience as a one-on-one paraprofessional, classroom teacher, science curriculum coordinator, assistant principal and his current role as principal exemplifies his commitment to the whole child. Jordan is deeply invested in seeing all behavior as a form of communication and in modeling responses to challenging behaviors that perpetuate student and staff success.