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Educational leadership poses unique challenges. The pressures come from all directions as you seek to balance the needs of your community, students, staff, district administration and central office. Discover how to build stronger relationships, handle conflict, navigate healthy boundaries, and establish a Conscious Discipline practice that empowers you with the skillset and mindset to grow both you and your team.

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  • Fifteen (15) video sessions that help you apply the Powers and Skills of Conscious Discipline to cultivate a healthy inner and outer culture for you, your team, and the students in your care.
  • A 60+ page downloadable workbook that highlights basic concepts, encourages group conversation and/or personal reflection, deepens your learning, and sets your growth in motion.
  • A paced release of sessions provides time to reflect, process, and practice before moving forward. Sessions 0-5 release on January 11, Sessions 6-12 release on March 31, and Sessions 13-15 release on June 30th.

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Education administrators and leaders are passionate problem-solvers who carry a heavy load of responsibilities and are held to high standards—both by others and by themselves. While being the point person for the needs of their team, student body and school building, it can be easy to forget that they, too, are in deep need of care. Stress to Success is a unique eLearning experience created by administrators, for administrators, to help them navigate the daily challenges of understanding and practicing self-regulation, handling others’ upset, navigating tricky relationships with students, staff, and parents, and maintaining their own well-being.  

In this 15-part series, 20+ year Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jill Molli and Principal Jordan Williamson are filmed in an engaging conversation about how the core principles and concepts of Conscious Discipline can shape how education administrators can approach their own self-regulation and self-care practices, understand what’s underneath anger, and deepen their connections with their staff and student body. They share personal stories of turning points in their own Conscious Discipline journeys in their homes and work settings and offer ways administrators can center themselves while discussing the importance of a personal Conscious Discipline practice for those in leadership positions.  

Jill and Jordan guide participants’ growth with personal connection, humor, and confidence as they align the big issues faced by administrators today with the Conscious Discipline practices that are helpful in resolving them. If you are feeling the weight of being an administrator and are curious how Conscious Discipline could provide the guidance you need to thrive as a school leader, join us to begin your journey from Stress to Success.

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