My Family Safekeeper Ritual Plan

My Family Safekeeper Ritual Plan

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My Family Safekeeper Ritual Plan

Safety is a fundamental need. Without safety, we can’t reach the optimal brain state for learning and problem-solving. In Conscious Discipline, we say that adults are Safekeepers. Our job is to keep the home or classroom safe. But what does it mean to be a Safekeeper during these challenging times?

This printable resource from Certified Instructor Vicky Hepler will help you plan an effective Family Safekeeper Ritual. You’ll find instructions, ideas and space to plan for your family’s Safekeeper Box, tokens, chant, commitments and more.

To learn more about being a Safekeeper as we cope with COVID-19, read the article How to Be a Safekeeper and watch the free webinar Providing Safety with Safekeeper Rituals and Agreements.


  • 3 and up

Helps with

  • Safety
  • Composure
  • Cooperation
  • Overall wellbeing


  • For families to encourage safety and helpfulness in the home during COVID-19


  • Instructions and one-page printable


  • Printed “My Family Safekeeper Ritual Plan”
  • Pen or pencil
  • Box
  • Popsicle sticks, rocks, or other tokens of your choice
  • Decorative materials of your choice

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