Self-Regulation Book Bundle


Get all three Feeling Buddies books in one Self-Regulation Value Pack. Promote empathy, calming strategies and the ability to understand and regulate emotions. With this trio of books, you’ll empower children to meet their emotional needs with healthy skills, allowing them to fulfill their social and academic potential.


  • I Can Calm
  • When I Feel
  • Helping My Feeling Buddies

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Managing emotions is challenging work, even for adults. The three books included in the Self-Regulation Value Pack simplify this process and teach it to children through a variety of innovative techniques.

In I Can Calm, children learn six deep breathing strategies proven to shut off the fight or flight response. With these breathing techniques, children can calm themselves enough to problem-solve and learn.

When I Feel includes Velcro-backed emotion pieces that teach children to recognize facial cues, promoting empathy. It increases self-awareness by asking children to reflect on their emotions, then encourages them to self-regulate by choosing an activity to calm their upset.

Finally, read Helping My Feeling Buddies to coach children in the words and actions they can use to soothe their Feeling Buddies. As they soothe the Buddies, children learn to soothe themselves and lay a foundation for healthy inner speech.

If teaching children to handle big emotions in healthy and constructive ways is important to your school or family, the Self-Regulation Value Pack is for you.

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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

Bundle, Book, Posters, Physical Product



Age Range

3-5 Years Old, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, Adults


Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Mental Health Professional


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