Choice Board with Breathing Icons

Choice Board with Breathing Icons

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Choice Board with Breathing Icons

Practice choices, active calming and the four main breathing exercises in Conscious Discipline (S.T.A.R., Drain, Pretzel and Balloon) with this cute, colorful choice board and create new breathing choices of your own. Use in your Safe Place or any other place active calming reminders would be helpful. . You even have the option of creating some breathing exercises of your own!


  • 2 (with help) and up

Helps with

  • Active Calming
  • Self-Regulation Tool


  • Self-Regulation and/or Safe Place Resource
  • Classrooms,
  • Parent Nights
  • Staff Training
  • Home Use


  • Instructions
  • Five 8.5x11” single-sided color printouts


  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Printed choice board
  • Printed breathing icon cards

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Examples of this Resource in Use

  • To learn more about this resource, visit Shubert’s Classroom in Shubert’s School and click on the S.T.A.R. page. There, you’ll find videos of the four main breathing exercises.