When We All Come Together Again

When We All Come Together Again: A Printable Story

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When We All Come Together Again: A Printable Story

Changes to routine can feel unsafe and scary to children, as many families have experienced firsthand as they make changes due to COVID-19. As some states begin to gradually reopen, children will experience shifts in routine once again. They may also be distressed by the fact that even when we come together again, life remains different in many ways. We can help soothe children’s distress through composure and understanding. Accurate information also helps dissipate fear, so it’s helpful to answer children’s questions and explain why routines (and life) have changed. Developed by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Abbi Kruse, this story uses reassuring language and age-appropriate information to explain a complex topic in a way children understand.


  • 3 and up

Helps with

  • Addressing uncertainty and soothing anxiety


  • Helping children understand changes to routines and adjust to a “new normal”


  • Printable instructions and story


  • Printed When We All Come Together Again story
  • Stapler OR hole punch and string (optional)
  • Photos of your child (optional)

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