Anda cu Miedo

Anda cu Miedo (Papiamento)

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Anda cu Miedo (Papiamento)

This two-page printable helps children recognize and accept their fears related to COVID-19, then choose calming activities. Children will learn actionable steps that they can take to calm themselves in moments of fear or anxiety. This resource was translated into Papiamento by Conscious Discipline International Instructor Carla Briezen. Papiamento is the most widely spoken language on the Caribbean ABC islands.


  • 3 and up

Help With

  • Self-regulation
  • Active calming
  • Identifying triggers


  • Helping children identify things that trigger fear, then choose a calming activity


  • Instructions and two-page printable


  • Printed Anda cu “Miedo” Durante COVID-19 resource
  • Pen, pencil, crayons/markers

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