Candid Conversations: Managing What’s Beyond Our Control (Episode 2)

Dr. Becky Bailey offers insights and problem solving for everyday challenges with special guests in the Candid Conversations webinar series. Kyndal Easter, this episode’s guest, shares her experience of being 39 weeks pregnant and an Assistant Principal for a primary school in the context of COVID-19. Discover how Kyndal uses her foundation in Conscious Discipline to manage feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and loss of control, and uncover ways to apply self-regulation concepts in your own life.

Candid Conversations provide a relatable, practical window into the world of Conscious Discipline. Join Dr. Bailey and her guests as they explore personal challenges, successes and ways to use Conscious Discipline in everyday life.

Hosted by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jill Molli, this episode of Candid Conversations explores healthy ways to cope when the proverbial rug gets pulled out from under your feet. In Kyndal’s words, “All of a sudden I lost control of the things I thought I had control over.” Yet, from this place of uncertainty, we can cultivate a sense of acceptance, support and trust within ourselves. In this episode of Candid Conversations, we explore self-regulation in terms of active calming, gratitude, acceptance, going within, and the essential roles a support person and a School Family can play during times of stress.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:17 General introduction with Jill Molli
  • 1:50 Introducing Kyndal Easter, Assistant Principal and expectant mother
  • 2:58 Feeling safe and secure during the first few months of pregnancy
  • 3:37 COVID-19 hits: Loss of control, big feelings, big responsibilities
  • 4:29 Uploading and downloading composure to co-regulate
  • 5:25 Seeking outside control vs. going inside to calm
  • 7:25 Who is your support person?
  • 8:43 Managing a disappointment with a support person
  • 9:55 The best environment for a child is one where adults get their needs met
  • 10:47 How the pandemic is bringing awareness and changing teaching
  • 11:50 When you don’t have a support person, gratitude and faith can help
  • 14:18 Workarounds during COVID-19
  • 16:50 Acceptance allows you to reach a higher brain state so you can think and plan
  • 18:40 Becky summarizes acceptance, the power of a School Family and trust/faith
  • 20:12 “I’m so glad to see you, the world was waiting”
  • 20:40 Managing what’s inside via self-regulation rather than attempting to control what’s happening around us

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