Webinar: The Safe Place at Home

In moments of upset, we rely on our inner speech to help us regulate and manage our emotions. But too often, our inner speech aggravates the feeling instead. This inner speech doesn’t simply appear in adulthood. It’s built in early childhood as adults care for and respond to us in our upset moments.

In Conscious Discipline, the Safe Place helps us rewrite our inner speech, allowing us to write healthy inner speech for our children and teach them self-regulation and emotional management.

For children, the first Safe Place is in the arms of a parent. We must learn to manage our composure in order to provide this felt sense of safety to our children. Once the adult is a Safe Place, we can transition to a physical Safe Place where children can calm and practice self-regulation skills when upset. Ultimately, the goal is for children to create a Safe Place within themselves as they effectively manage their thoughts and feelings with healthy self-regulatory speech.

Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and mother of two Nicole Mercer as she explains how to create and use a Safe Place in the home. Nicole answers frequently asked questions, guides you through the evolution of the Safe Place, and shares photos, videos, and powerful success stories from her own experiences.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:28 Introduction to self-regulation and inner speech
  • 02:18 Evolution of the Safe Place
  • 03:25 Managing your own composure using S.T.A.R.
  • 04:41 Video Clip: Nicole’s daughters explaining how angry voices feel
  • 06:26 Transitioning from the adult to a physical Safe Place
  • 06:45 Photo Example: First Safe Place in Nicole’s home
  • 07:41 Difference between Safe Place and time-out
  • 09:23 Photo Example: Safe Place in children’s rooms
  • 09:46 Importance of starting Safe Place in common area
  • 10:17 How to provide a Safe Place when kids aren’t at home
  • 10:45 Photo Example: Mobile Safe Place
  • 15:20 Video Clip: Grace calming self at doctor’s office before shot
  • 17:30 Needing our first Safe Place (a person) in moments of big upset
  • 23:10 The Safe Place journey begins with you
  • 24:22 Video Clip: Hannah’s inner “Safe Place” now that she is in high school

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