Webinar: How to Handle Vaccines and Other Medical Procedures

Vaccines, medical procedures, doctors’ offices and medical centers can be scary… for children and adults alike! The way we approach children’s vaccines and other procedures establishes a mental and emotional blueprint they will utilize for the rest of their lives. In order to help create a healthy blueprint, we must replace “get a treat if you’re good” and “surprise” approaches with emotionally sound strategies that promote safety and connection.

Reframe a ‘successful experience’ as the best outcome
given the circumstance you find yourself in. Success can still look messy!

In this webinar with Conscious Discipline Master Instructor and former Pediatric Coach Amy Speidel, we will shift our mindset from the traditional goal of a minimized, tear-free event to an opportunity to teach healthy ways to manage big feelings. Amy will coach us in four steps that can transform a child’s next medical procedure into a positive mental health experience and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of emotional and physical wellness.

Discover the importance of managing your own feelings surrounding medical procedures and then 1. Prepare (plan and practice), 2. Put your plan into action, 3. Soothe in the moment and 4. Manage loopholes (“But Sara’s not getting vaccinated!”) utilizing reliable strategies from Conscious Discipline.

Webinar Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • :55 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • 1:30 Our approach drives how children experience it
  • 1:40 Be aware of our feelings and self-regulate
  • 2:52 “Success” can be messy
  • 3:11 Part 1: Preparation
  • 3:27 Information soothes anxiety
  • 3:52 Plan and practice
  • 5:35 Use pictures to convey your plan
  • 6:40 Practice your plan
  • 7:02 Let them know it will feel like a pinch
  • 7:55 End your plan with a celebration
  • 8:57 Part 2: Show up and put the plan into action
  • 9:28 Part 3: What to do when you get there (breathe, soothe, encourage)
  • 11:18 Part 4: Handling perceived loopholes
  • 12:26 “Breathe and breathe and breathe some more”
  • 12:40 Conclusion: It was hard, and we did it!
  • 13:08 You are your child’s advocate and the voice in their heads, and you’ve got this