Candid Conversations: Being of Service (Episode 3)

Dr. Becky Bailey offers insights and problem solving for everyday challenges with special guests in the Candid Conversations webinar series. Becky Ash, this episode’s guest, shares her experience managing perfectionism as a middle school principal and mother of three. Then she and Dr. Bailey discuss concrete ways children can focus on being of service to others.

Candid Conversations provide a relatable, practical window into the world of Conscious Discipline. Join Dr. Bailey and her guests as they explore personal challenges, successes and ways to use Conscious Discipline in everyday life.

Hosted by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jill Molli, this episode of Candid Conversations highlights how we can shift from an internal message of shame to an internal message of service. Instead of dwelling on what we don’t accomplish each day, we should practice noticing the ways we are of service to those around us. Listen in to learn how to teach this vital practice to children, including three activities you can try in your home today.

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Webinar Outline

  • 00:17 Introduction of Certified Instructor Jill Molli and Candid Conversations series
  • 00:49 Introduction of Becky Ash, school principal and mother of three
  • 01:16 Introduction of Dr. Becky Bailey and how children of all ages can be of service
  • 02:14 It’s about service, not shame: Don’t be ashamed of what you didn’t accomplish today
  • 03:00 What can we do to help others during this difficult time?
  • 03:18 Posting a list of ways for children to be helpful in your home
  • 05:03 Listing choices for ways each child can be helpful while caregiver is working
  • 05:54 Outdoor project for kids: Making cards to share with neighbors
  • 07:06 Wrap-Up by Jill Molli

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