Candid Conversations: Self-Care During COVID-19 (Episode 1)

Dr. Becky Bailey offers insights and problem solving for everyday challenges with special guests in the Candid Conversations webinar series. Becky Ash, this episode’s guest, shares her experience as a middle school principal and parent of three, navigating stay-at-home orders and distance learning as both a parent and a school administrator. Then she and Dr. Bailey discuss universally helpful strategies for nurturing ourselves during times of crisis.

Candid Conversations provide a relatable, practical window into the world of Conscious Discipline. Join Dr. Bailey and her guests as they explore personal challenges, successes and ways to use Conscious Discipline in everyday life.

Hosted by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli, this inaugural episode of Candid Conversations tackles the often-challenging prospect of caring for ourselves while supporting others. Listen as they discuss the power of presence, ways we’re already practicing self-care (even if we don’t necessarily realize it), how to carve out quick seconds of calm to sustain ourselves, fluctuating between fear and faith, and finding moments of joy amid the chaos.

Webinar Outline

  • 0:00 Introduction to Candid Conversations with Master Instructor Jill Molli
  • 1:55 Jill introduces Becky Ash
  • 2:32 Becky Ash dishes on family, school and COVID-19 challenges
  • 5:15 Dr. Bailey: “What are you doing for you?”
  • 6:50 The tendency to support others
  • 8:50 Gratitude letter writing: What I offer to others I strengthen within myself
  • 9:35 How can you put yourself on your “to-do” list?
  • 10:40 Breathing “to clear my mind”
  • 11:25 Recognize being of service and the good
  • 11:52 Finding the joy
  • 12:30 Becoming present in the moment as a form of safety
  • 13:44 Discovering the quick seconds of calm that sustain us
  • 16:35 Joining in children’s joy
  • 17:09 Challenges and benefits as we vacillate between fear and faith
  • 18:30 Goodbye with Jill Molli and Dr. Bailey
  • 19:43 Conclusion with Jill Molli: Start with the small things

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