Self-Regulation Bundle


Get four self-regulation products for one great price!  Each product is designed to foster self-regulation–the most important skill for lifelong success–in both children and adults. Used together, these powerful products reduce problem behaviors and power struggles, creating space for learning, problem-solving and academic achievement to flourish.

The Self-Regulation Bundle includes:

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Self-regulation allows children and adults to manage emotional upset and behavior. It empowers us to make wise choices, respond with empathy and access our conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. Although self-regulation is the #1 skill for lifelong success, 40% of children struggle with this vital ability.

The Self-Regulation Bundle combines four powerful products designed to foster self-regulation in both adults and children. The award-winning Managing Emotional Mayhem © by Dr. Becky A. Bailey teaches adults how to coach children through a transformative five-step self-regulation process. The remaining products support children in remembering and using the five steps: Engaging Safe Place Posters provide visual reminders of this process, and the Safe Place Mat cues children to practice active calming using helpful breathing strategies. Finally, the I Choose Self-Control Board equips children with a tangible way to identify what they’re feeling and choose a calming strategy.

If you’re ready to transform behavior problems and power struggles into academic achievement and life success, the Self-Regulation Bundle is for you. Together, these products will pave the way to a more peaceful and productive tomorrow.

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Weight 59.2 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2 in

Bundle, Book, Posters, Physical Product



Age Range

3-5 Years Old, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, Adults


Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Mental Health Professional


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