Best Beginnings – An Infant Care Conversation

Best Beginnings – An Infant Care Conversation

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Best Beginnings – An Infant Care Conversation

Remember finding out a baby was coming into your home? What things did you rush out to buy to prepare for this little one’s arrival? What kind of information did you seek on how to care for an infant and eventually toddler?

Our model for relationships, self-regulation, and model of self are developed in the first three years of life. Optimal development for infants happens in the context of relationships, not stuff. This process begins with the adult’s in the child’s life begin able to create calm internal states within themselves, especially when responding to crying and upset young children.

Join Dr. Becky Bailey and Carol Howe to learn the essential ingredients for raising heathy, emotionally secure infants.

Total Runtime

  • 52.27 minutes

Time Stamps

  • :46 Introduction of Carol Howe
  • 2:45 The most important thing all parents need to know
  • 5:15 Energetic language – your inner state downloads to the baby
  • 8:15 Orbital frontal lobe and brain waves
  • 11:48 Effects of TV/screens on infant development
  • 14:30 The baby’s psychological birth takes 3 years
  • 17:40 Be a S.T.A.R.
  • 20:10 Importance of the amygdala in the brain
  • 22:40 Noticing infant’s upset
  • 23:56 Story of toddler helping sibling self-regulate
  • 27:18 Mirror neurons
  • 30:28 Effects of carrying guilt as a parent
  • 33:00 Power of presence
  • 35:00 Assertive language with infants
  • 41:13 Shift from language of judgment to language of noticing
  • 45:24 Carol’s story of “No-no”
  • 46:26 Should babies be left to cry it out

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