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Real Talk for Real Teachers with Latoria Marcellus and Amy Speidel

Episode Summary

Conscious Discipline isn’t only transformational in schools; it’s also transformational within homes and families. Families who practice Conscious Discipline experience stronger bonds, calmer conflict resolution and more.

To learn more about practicing Conscious Discipline as a family, join Dr. Becky Bailey in conversation with mother-daughter duo Nicole and Ally. They share how family life and family relationships have changed, along with their top Conscious Discipline tips for both adults and children.

Essential Takeaways

  • Implementing Conscious Discipline can lead to a shift for the entire family. Family bonds are strengthened, and conflicts are navigated calmly. Valuable skills like self-regulation and problem-solving become ingrained in children; they don’t disappear when an adult isn’t looking.
  • For both children and adults, deep breathing is an essential first step in practicing Conscious Discipline. Practice S.T.A.R, Drain, Pretzel and Balloon, or even invent your own breathing techniques.
  • Offering two positive choices is another powerful tool. For example, instead of saying, “Come with me or I’m leaving you,” say, “Come with me by hopping, or come with me by holding my hand.”
  • Shift from trying to change others to recognizing that you can only change yourself. Ask yourself, “How can I help my child be successful?”
  • Conscious Discipline is an ongoing journey and a consistent practice. Give yourself grace when you OOPS. When the family learns Conscious Discipline as a unit, you can help one another return to the path.

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Show Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • 1:54 Dr. Becky Bailey in conversation with special guests Nicole and Ally
  • 3:50 The Conscious Discipline difference from Ally’s perspective
  • 6:06 Conscious Discipline for the whole family
  • 7:52 How Ally and Nicole use Conscious Discipline together
  • 9:57 How Ally uses Conscious Discipline to help her peers
  • 12:41 Managing guilt
  • 14:02 How family relationships changed
  • 16:03 Top three Conscious Discipline tips for parents
  • 18:13 Top three Conscious Discipline tips for kids
  • 20:01 Allowing yourself to OOPS
  • 21:40 Recap and conclusion with Latoria
  • 22:26 What’s new with Conscious Discipline?
  • 23:18 What’s Conscious Discipline celebrating?


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