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Real Talk for Real Teachers with Latoria Marcellus, Amy Speidel and special guest Dr. Valerie Parker

Episode Summary:

Dr. Valerie Parker is an educator, administrator, parent and wife, and serves as the Education Committee Chair for the Howard County Branch of the NAACP. She’s a self-proclaimed “fierce advocate for black boys everywhere,” and her research focuses on teacher perception of behavior that leads to student misconstruction. Dr. Parker firmly believes that changes in our perception can help address much larger, systemic issues: particularly the school to prison pipeline.

Essential Takeaways:

  • Changes in perception can positively address and affect systemic problems.
  • Self-regulation and building relationships with black youth isn’t optional, it’s crucial.
  • Identifying your own implicit biases and triggers is essential to stopping the school to prison pipeline.

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Show Outline:

:00 Introduction
1:30 Becoming creative and curious about seeing behavior as communication.
3:00 Introduction to Dr. Valerie Parker
5:00 The school to prison pipeline
8:12 Implicit bias, ADHD, and autism
13:00 Big feelings, wishing well and what isolation teaches others
13:45 Building relationships
15:40 Autonomy, choices, and assertiveness
19:42 Calming strategies to inspire a love for learning
21:00 Being curious instead of judgmental
22:00 The Power of Perception
23:00 Helping teachers shift their perception
23:52 Identifying your own bias and triggers
25:32 How do I contribute to the school to prison pipeline?
27:51 Mindful moments for dysregulated students
30:52 Why Conscious Discipline matters
31:07 Changing the trajectory of the lives of adults and children
32:23 Self-regulation and building relationships for black boys isn’t optional, its crucial
33:45 Takeaways


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