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Real Talk for Real Teachers with Latoria Marcellus, Amy Speidel and special guest Bibi Herran

Episode Summary

The powers and skills of Conscious Discipline apply far beyond the classroom and the way we interact with children. We can use them in our daily lives in any situation we encounter, especially the most difficult and challenging. The powers and skills help us build the tools and the community of people we need to walk through trauma and hardship.

In this episode, Certified Instructor, educator, and social worker Bibi Herran shares how the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline helped her and her loved ones move through her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition to telling her story, Bibi shares encouraging words and key take aways for others who are struggling.

Essential Takeaways

  • After receiving her diagnosis, Bibi started a structured routine of belly breathing. She was then able to sit down with her husband and talk through the next steps.
  • Composure, perception, and connection with others were instrumental in managing her experience with cancer.
  • Bibi attributed positive intent when people said things that were unhelpful. She used assertiveness to set boundaries with love and respect.
  • She experienced the power of unity, as family, friends and her children’s school formed a loving village to support them through their mother’s diagnosis.
  • Conscious Discipline is not just for schools or for children. We will all encounter challenges at some point in life, and the powers and skills give us the tools to manage them.

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Show Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • 4:24 Introduction of guest Bibi Herran
  • 7:16 Bibi’s Conscious Discipline journey
  • 10:38 Using Conscious Discipline in real life
  • 13:21 Routine of belly breathing
  • 19:43 How the powers and skills helped Bibi walk through her cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • 28:43 Positive intent
  • 39:40 Receiving love, care and help from others
  • 45:14 Guiding children through a parent’s illness
  • 49:27 Bibi’s key takeaways
  • 53:19 Recap and summary
  • 58:32 What’s Conscious Discipline celebrating?
  • 58:48 Wish Wells


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