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Real Talk for Real Teachers with Latoria Marcellus, Amy Speidel and special guest Kristin Chesterman

Episode Summary:

Kristin Chesterman is a deep believer that all behavior is a form of communication. Addressing the lack of skills in a student (or scholar as she refers to them) is the key to regulation success. As a Title 1 Behavioral Support Teacher serving approximately 615 students in Indiana, Kristin shares personal examples of how the implementation of Conscious Discipline’s powers, skills, and strategies in connection with Brain State knowledge cultivate an inclusive School Family. In this episode, she explains how Conscious Discipline provided the framework for a Junior Coaching Program and prompted a transformative shift in their school culture among their teachers.

Essential Takeaways:

  • For implementation success, teachers and administrators need to be open and curious about their perspectives concerning outcomes.
  • A behavioral or SEL approach does not have to be prescriptive: Conscious Discipline is a framework.
  • All behavior is a form of communication, and fortifying skills rather than denying access/inclusion is the path to self-regulation success.
  • Vulnerability is key to connection.
  • Regulation starts with the adults in the room.
  • What you give to others, you strengthen within yourself.

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Show Outline:

:00 Introduction

2:35 Punishment and Consequences

3:41 Introduction to Kristin Chesterman

9:01 Conscious Discipline was the bridge between neuro-anatomy studies and structures, powers, and skills

9:30 A pivot to adult-first regulation and Brain State identification

13:01 Brain state strategies

13:50 Summary of Tier 1

19:26 Brain Smart Start

21:29 What you give to others, you strengthen in yourself

23:06 Junior Coach Program Development

23:35 Sentence starters: You were hoping________. You wanted ________.

24:00 Junior Coach Success Stories: Keeping the School Family intact

30:20 Implementation at Home

33:55 Equal Opportunity Learning Environment

34:24 All Behavior is Communication

40:00 Takeaways


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