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Real Talk for Real Teachers with Latoria Marcellus, Amy Speidel and special guest Laura Angulo

Episode Summary

Accepting the task of helping to heal the pain and trauma of abused and abandoned children comes with some enormous challenges, but they’re challenges those at Conscious Discipline and Laura Angulo believe to be well worthwhile. A former special educator and current psychologist, Laura now partners with a facility for abandoned children in Cali, Colombia that serves up to 100 children from ages 0-8. There, Laura supports 30 staff members as they implement and model Conscious Discipline, providing hope, facilitating healing, and a way forward.

Join Dr. Bailey in conversation with Laura Angulo to learn how she has used the healing powers of Baby Doll Circle Time and I Love You Rituals to rebuild attachment structures in the lives of children who have lived through severe trauma and abandonment, and how these activities are not just for children.

Essential Takeaways

  •  Laura and staff members learned it was possible to identify/flag previous abuse by observing the implementation of Baby Doll Circle Time.
  • Begin with rituals that have already been implemented as a common ground to work from.
  • Laura modeled Baby Doll Circle Time and led the staff in the activities before introducing them to the children.
  • Children who are over-aroused or under-aroused due to trauma benefit from I Love You Rituals.
  • Laura divided the Baby Doll Circle Time training for staff into two sessions on different days to allow for better processing and accurate implementation.

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Show Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • 2:55 Introduction of guest, Laura Angulo
  • 4:53 The project closest to Laura’s heart
  • 7:25 Baby Doll Circle Time
  • 9:15 Attunement and the brain
  • 10:36 Baby Doll Circle Time exercise modeled by Laura
  • 13:23 I Love You Rituals for teachers
  • 15:25 Attunement activities and games
  • 19:00 The five steps and joint attention
  • 26:00 Why adult-first is the most effective way
  • 29:04 How you can be a change agent at home


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