Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Ginny Luther

Episode Summary

Some days, even the best parents feel at a loss for how to respond to a child’s behavior: the right words won’t come, the child won’t behave and there just has to be a better way!

Dr. Becky Bailey, the creator of Conscious Discipline, says discipline is something we develop within children, not something we do to them. Much of our parenting is based on the idea that it’s our job to have the perfect words, the perfect actions or the perfect punishment that will make a child behave properly. Conscious Discipline turns this ineffective mindset on its head, helping us shift to an emotionally-intelligent, brain smart and research-based approach.

Listen as Ginny Luther, owner of Peaceful Parenting and retired Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor of 18+ years, shares her story of parenting with Conscious Discipline.

Essential Takeaways

  • Start with a skill that feels easy for you so you can experience success.
  • Change “should” to “could.”
  • It’s not your job to fix it. Be calm in the midst of their upset. Breathe before you speak.

Steps for Tomorrow

  • Connection is the key. Be present with your children when they are in your presence.
  • Quit Taking It Personally (QTIP)! Their behavior has nothing to do with you.
  • It’s not your job to “happy up” your children.
  • Be the calm in their storm.

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Show Outline

  • :23 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • 1:45 Introduction of guest Ginny Luther, owner of Peaceful Parenting
  • 3:10 Ginny’s story of bringing Conscious Discipline to parents
  • 6:15 Ginny’s start to her personal journey towards peaceful parenting
  • 8:24 Ginny’s story of her son, Bart
  • 12:42 Setting up parenting classes
  • 14:25 Starting parenting classes through schools
  • 17:24 Empowered parent groups
  • 19:34 Top three questions from parents
  • 21:17 Importance of visual routines
  • 23:56 The Seven Powers of Conscious Discipline
  • 26:46 “I’m not your mom anymore!” story
  • 29:51 Little changes make a big difference
  • 32:41 Your child’s misbehavior is a gift
  • 38:24 Essential takeaways
  • 41:45 Bart’s Blue Star

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