Understanding Safety, Connection and Problem Solving

Join Dr. Becky Bailey to discover how the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model can help you decode children’s behavior and respond effectively to their needs, especially during stressful times such as these.

Providing safety and connection is an adult-first endeavor that is essential to children’s wellbeing and brain function. We must learn to recognize children’s brain/body states and our own, and then respond in healthy, helpful ways.

Children and adults express the stressors of life under the threat of COVID-19 in a variety of ways. Dr. Bailey provides insight about these behaviors and how to respond using the lens of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model. This model helps us understand the complex, integrated function of the human brain in practical terms.

Learning to recognize the three brain/body states (Survival State, Emotional State, Executive State) and respond by fulfilling the underlying need of each (Safety, Connection, Problem Solving) is the key to effective discipline and overall wellbeing, especially during times of stress.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:00 Written overview of the three brain states
  • 0:35 Dr. Bailey explains safety and the Survival State
  • 1:18 Common behaviors you might be seeing
  • 1:50 What is a felt sense of safety?
  • 2:35 Downloading: The adult’s state impacts the child’s state
  • 3:45 Dr. Bailey explains connection and the Emotional State
  • 5:15 Dr. Bailey explains the Survival State
  • 6:03 Next steps

Resource Mentions

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