Webinar: Parent CliffsNotes for the Skills of Conscious Discipline

Whether you are new to Conscious Discipline or returning to continue growing your skills, this session is sure to inspire your parenting journey. Dr. Becky Bailey, creator of Conscious Discipline defines discipline as something we develop within children, not something we do to them.

It is a practice that helps adult shift the way we respond to children’s emotional upsets and challenges.

The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model is at the core of the practices. Helping parents recognize a child’s brain state, adults can access an entirely new toolset that helps children shift their internal state and reach optimal learning and creative problem-solving. This process involves learning to respond to children differently than we were responded to growing up, almost like learning a second language. It takes time and a willingness to practice. Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Amy Speidel for an overview of the Seven Discipline Skills and helpful phrases to get you started, or continue your next step, on your journey to more peaceful parenting practices.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:35 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 01:30 Skill of Composure
  • 04:36 Skill of Encouragement
  • 05:49 Skill of Positive Intent
  • 07:53 Skill of Assertiveness
  • 09:50 Skill of Choices
  • 11:55 Skill of Empathy
  • 15:23 Skill of Consequences
  • 18:28 Next Steps

Resource Mentions

Helpful Next Steps