Successful Transitions to Home Learning

Join Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli as she offers an overview of helpful structures that support a successful transition to school learning. Families are reeling as adults and children are simultaneous adjusting to the newness of both home schooling and work from home expectations. This practical webinar suggests four key starting points that will increase safety, add structure and restore some normalcy to your daily routines.

Be kind and patient with yourself, your children, your loved ones and the educational community as we all adapt to unprecedented life changes. 

Remember that all of us (including you!) are doing the best we can amidst challenging circumstances. Navigating unfamiliar territory takes time, and it’s okay to “Oops” along the way. Discover more helpful downloadable digital resources and tips in this related article, Five Tips for Successful Home Learning.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:04 Introduction
  • 00:45 Overview of four tips to set your classroom up at home
  • 01:00 Tip #1: Get yourself and your kids dressed for the day
  • 01:17 Differentiate Saturdays from school days
  • 01:43 Tip #2: Start early, similar to the regular school day
  • 01:51 Keep a morning routine
  • 02:20 Check progress often
  • 03:17 Tip #3: Give choices for where school will happen
  • 03:40 Offer flexible seating and set boundaries
  • 04:10 Tip #4: Set a visual schedule
  • 04:27 How to manage a schedule that is provided by the child’s school
  • 05:33 How to help daily assignments not feel so overwhelming
  • 06:07 Celebrate small milestones throughout the day
  • 06:17 Recap: How you are going to transform your home into a school
  • 06:48 What to do when your children are not doing their schoolwork/Conclusion

Resource Mentions

Helpful Next Steps