Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Kim Hughes

Episode Summary

I Love You Rituals are playful, one-on-one interactions that build loving connections while increasing attention span, decreasing power struggles and promoting language and literacy at school or at home. These brain-building interactions facilitate optimal development for young children and create lifelong bonds between children and adults. If you’re interested in incorporating I Love You Rituals into your current classroom practices, you may wonder: Where should I start? How do I introduce I Love You Rituals? When in the world do I have time to teach them?

Join Certified Instructor Kim Hughes, a 30-plus year veteran of the education field, as she leads a session on making I Love You Rituals part of your day. Kim answers frequently asked questions about I Love You Rituals and shares valuable strategies and insight. As Kim says, “Conscious Discipline is not a second job. We weave all of this throughout the curriculum so you have a beautiful tapestry.”

Essential Takeaways

  • The best exercise for the brain is exercise.
  • The powers of Conscious Discipline allow us to see conflict differently, while the skills allow us to respond to conflict differently. The structures help adults and children practice the skills. Without the powers and skills, putting up structures is merely “decorating your classroom with Conscious Discipline.”
  • Everyone needs “joy juice.” Every child needs at least one adult to love and support them.
  • Learn the I Love You Rituals yourself first, then practice them with children. Once children have practiced with an adult, they can do I Love You Rituals together.
  • Teach ILYR on the playground, at centers, by having older children teach younger children, while a child is on the changing table, etc. You can also incorporate them into your daily greetings.
  • Start where you are comfortable, and celebrate your successes. Remember that you can’t implement everything right away. Breathe, take it slowly, and tell yourself, “I’ve got this.”

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Show Outline

  • :20 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • 1:28 Brain Smart Start
  • 9:06 Relationship between powers, skills and structures
  • 11:18 Introduction to I Love You Rituals
  • 15:22 How to introduce I Love You Rituals in your classroom
  • 16:58 When to teach I Love You Rituals
  • 19:25 I Love You Rituals book (Family Night)
  • 21:44 Where to start with I Love You Rituals
  • 23:59 What’s Becky up to?
  • 24:31 What’s Becky celebrating?

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