I Love You Rituals Changing Table Poster Set


Transform changing table challenges with the power of connection! When children choose an enriching I Love You Ritual activity, a possible power struggle becomes a brain-building time of shared connection and delight. Includes four laminated posters and four stuffed characters— one for each of Dr. Bailey’s top four most beloved I Love You Rituals. The wipe-clean, machine-washable characters Velcro to the posters, encouraging the child to choose a ritual to conduct with the adult, and to provide a manipulative that keeps curious hands occupied.

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Every day is filled with hidden moments that are perfect for building meaningful connections. Using the I Love You Rituals Changing Table Poster Set during diaper changing or feedings takes these “necessary” moments and fills them with brain-building, cooperation-building play.

Each of the four colorful posters features a different I Love You Ritual and a stuffed toy velcroed in place. Children choose which ritual to conduct by pulling a stuffed toy off of a poster. Each ritual takes less than a minute, yet the connection strengthened in that one minute of face-to-face play helps to increase attention, impulse control and cooperation, and builds healthy neural pathways.

The 3-inch stuffed characters that Velcro in place are machine washable and feature a non-porous surface that can be disinfected with a sanitizing wipe after each use. For children who struggle to remain still during diaper changes or bottle-feeding, choosing between activities provides a sense ownership and control over the event, while the stuffed toy provides a manipulative for busy hands to touch (instead of interfering with feeding or diapering).

The set includes four laminated 11-inch by 8.5-inch posters, one for each of the following I Love You Rituals: Three Nice Mice, Twinkle Twinkle, Here’s the Bunny, and Round and Round the Garden. Each poster also features a washable 3-inch plush character (mouse, star, bunny, and bear) that attaches to poster with Velcro.

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