Kim Hughes

Conscious Discipline Master Instructor

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Kim Hughes is a 30+ year veteran of education with Master’s degrees in both Elementary Education and School Leadership/Administration. She was awarded the 1999-2000 North Carolina Teacher of the Year Award. Kim excels in providing engaging, informative events for educators and administrators of children infant through elementary age.

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Kim has worked as both an administrator and a teacher of children birth through fifth grade. She discovered the power of Conscious Discipline while serving as an early childhood educator in an inclusive mental health setting. It soon became her passion to share its transformative and empowering message with as many children, parents and educators as possible.

While working as a kindergarten educator, Kim was named the 1999-2000 North Carolina Teacher of the Year. This honor was presented by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and endorsed by the United States Department of Education and United States Superintendent of Schools.

Kim’s inviting, playful style creates memorable trainings, while her experience with Conscious Discipline is top-notch. “The hours flew by” is a common sentiment at her trainings as attendees are amazed by their own level of engagement and focus on the material. Kim has supported school- wide implementation in both early childcare and elementary settings, mentored administrators, conducted both large and small group trainings and worked directly with teachers of children infant through elementary age.



    Kim is a 30+ year veteran of education and has worked as both an administor and teacher of children age birth through fifth grade.


    Infant through elementary age, administration, keynotes, large and small group trainings, school-wide implementation, coaching


    Kim is a Conscious Discipline Master Instructor and national keynote speaker and trainer.


    MS, Elementary Education and School Leadership / Administration