Greeting Apron


Support your daily greeting ritual with the new Greeting Apron. Start every day by sharing a special moment of choice, connection and attunement with every student. This simple process primes your day for cooperation, focus and attention.

Includes 100% cotton twill apron (black) with five clear pockets on the front for greeting cards, 12 greeting cards (four non-touch options), fabric pockets for additional storage, and a removable blue tutu.

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There’s much more to effective greetings than a quick high five as students enter the classroom. Individual, attuned greetings promote connection and prime children’s brains for optimal learning. They also provide you with the opportunity to assess each child’s inner brain state as they arrive in your classroom.

Start every day with this fun, meaningful shared experience using the new Greeting Apron.

Like I Love You Rituals, effective greetings incorporate eye contact, touch and presence in a playful situation. Non-touch options are available for children who prefer not to be touched, in which case you’ll focus on the eye contact and presence. These greetings set the tone for a day of cooperation, focus, attention and connection.

Because children choose their greeting, greeting rituals also foster success, empowerment and structured autonomy. Your class may even choose to invent greetings of their own!

By assessing the inner state of children as they arrive, you can determine if interventions might be helpful in upshifting a child’s brain state and scaffolding their learning. A moment spent fostering an internal shift now will result in saved teaching time, increased learning ability and better school climate later.


  • 100% cotton twill apron (adult-sized, black)
  • Five clear pockets on the front for greeting cards
  • 12 greeting cards (four non-touch options)
  • Fabric pockets for additional storage
  • Removable blue tutu
  • Instructions for effective greetings

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How to use the Greeting Apron

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