Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Paola Salcedo

Episode Summary

Does your role in your school include coaching teachers, students and parents?  How well do you coach yourself when things do not go your way?

Successfully coaching others to change requires we consciously and lovingly coach ourselves.  The inner speech we use with ourselves when things are not going our way will automatically be the words we use with others when we are triggered and things are not going as we’d like.  Conscious Discipline provides us with tools to offer compassion, empathy, choices and more effectively changing how we coach ourselves and others.

Listen in as Paola Salcedo, Conscious Discipline coach at Barry Elementary, shares her success of creating personal change and how she coaches teachers, students, and parents to do the same.

Essential Takeaways

  • Coaching and supporting resistant children and teachers through change requires a connection, a relationship
  • Creating community among parents using strategies for building a school family increases parental attendance at school events

Steps for Tomorrow

  • Begin with yourself and changing your perception, see what happens in front of you differently
  • Accept responsibility for your own emotions
  • Get to know yourself – know your “triggers” and “buttons” and own them

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Show Outline

  • :22 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 1:15 What are real teachers
  • 1:58 Dr. Bailey’s story of her golf coach
  • 4:36 Conscious Discipline coaching model
  • 5:47 Introduction of Paola Salcedo, Conscious Discipline Coach at Barry Elementary
  • 6:22 Demographics of Barry Elementary
  • 7:15 Paola’s position of Conscious Discipline coach
  • 9:52 Time Machine modeling and coaching
  • 15:48 Coaching teachers who are resistant to Conscious Discipline
  • 17:21 One teacher changes her mind with coaching story
  • 19:44 Increasing parental involvement at school
  • 25:49 Story of using Conscious Discipline in weight loss meetings for parents
  • 28:51 Story of learning from her own children at home
  • 31:02 Importance of how we discipline ourselves affects how we discipline and coach others
  • 32:20 Steps for tomorrow

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