Social Skills for Siblings: Asking for a Turn

Social Skills for Siblings: Asking for a Turn

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Social Skills for Siblings: Asking for a Turn

Siblings have unique and complex relationships. We can help them navigate these relationships by teaching them helpful social skills. This “Asking for a Turn” story provides specific procedures and visual reminders for the processes of getting someone’s attention and asking for a turn. It also provides positive choices for what to do when a sibling says, “No.”

The more children encounter helpful skills in a variety of different contexts, the more likely they are to adopt the desired skill. Better social skills equal fewer conflicts, greater cooperation and healthier sibling relationships.


  • 3 and up

Helps with

  • Teaching siblings how to get one another’s attention and ask for a turn
  • Providing positive choices for responding when a sibling says “no”
  • Increasing cooperation and reducing conflict
  • Improving the health of sibling relationships


  • Helping families teach healthy social skills to siblings


  • 17-page printable story


  • Printed “Asking for a Turn” Social Story
  • Photos of your children (optional)

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