Social Story: My Mommy is a Safekeeper/My Daddy is a Safekeeper

My Parent is a Safekeeper: A Printable Story

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My Parent is a Safekeeper: A Printable Story

As we work together to minimize the spread of COVID-19, we face many new circumstances and challenges. In some homes, Mom or Dad is a healthcare worker who is staying away from family to avoid potentially exposing loved ones to the virus.

Developed by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Abbi Kruse, this story gives you the age-appropriate language to explain to children that Mommy or Daddy is a Safekeeper who can’t come home right now. The downloadable PDF includes two versions of this story: “My Mommy Is a Safekeeper” and “My Daddy Is a Safekeeper.” Both versions feature activities children can do when they miss a parent, as well as tips for adults on helping young children through separation from a parent.


  • 2 and up

Helps with

  • Soothing anxiety by answering questions about why a child’s Mom or Dad is not home during COVID-19 outbreak


  • Helping children understand COVID-19, social distancing and separation from a parent


  • Printable instructions and story


  • Printed My Mommy Is a Safekeeper or My Daddy Is a Safekeeper story
  • Stapler OR hole punch and string (optional)
  • Photos of your child and family (optional)

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