At Home Brain Breaks and Active Calming

At Home Brain Breaks and Active Calming

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At Home Brain Breaks and Active Calming

Brain breaks are short mental breaks taken throughout a lesson or academic activity. They help children remain calm, focused and engaged, and they’ve been shown to reduce stress. With schools closed in response to COVID-19, this guide shows you how to implement effective brain breaks at home.

As you read through this guide by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Bailey Lewin, click the images for videos and songs that accompany each activity. You’ll find dozens of brain break songs and games to optimize your home learning!


  • 3 and up

Helps with

  • Disengaging stress
  • Increasing focus and engagement
  • Reaching the optimal brain state for learning and problem-solving


  • A guide to help families incorporate brain breaks into their home learning experience


  • Printable 12-page guide with clickable images (links to videos and songs accompanying each activity)


  • Printed guide
  • Device for playing related videos and songs (optional)

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