Webinar: The 4 Components Infants Need for Healthy Brain Development

The needs of infants and toddlers go beyond just food, sleep, and countless diaper changes. For healthy brain development, infants must be seen, soothed, safe, and stimulated. And to provide these essential components effectively, we must be present. By being present in combination with these elements, you will wire your infant’s brain for healthy development.

For healthy brain development, infants must be seen, soothed, safe, and stimulated.

In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Angela Fraley outlines the four essential components for healthy brain development in infants. She explains the importance of presence and provides tips for interpreting nonverbal cues. Nicknamed “The Baby Whisperer” by Dr. Becky Bailey, Angela shares helpful video examples along with her expert advice.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:35 Importance of infant caregiver in infant’s brain development
  • 01:29 Tips for being present
  • 03:32 Video Clip: Example of presence with Angela’s granddaughter
  • 05:11 Vital Element #1- Being seen/attunement
  • 07:07 Vital Element #2- Being soothed/co-regulation
  • 08:36 Vital Element #3- Feeling safe
  • 10:16 Vital Element #4- Being stimulated with face-to-face interaction
  • 11:47 Why presence is essential for all four components
  • 14:12 Video Clip: Diaper change with attunement
  • 15:33 Video Clip: Diaper change with a disconnect
  • 16:20 How to respond when an infant/toddler doesn’t want a playful interaction or needs a break
  • 17:30 Video Clip: Co-regulating
  • 19:24 Video Clip: Interaction with Angela’s granddaughter
  • 21:45 Video Clip: Cue that child is almost done with interaction

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