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Angela Fraley

Conscious Discipline Master Instructor

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Angela Fraley completed her undergraduate work at the University of Central Oklahoma to obtain teaching certifications in Elementary Education, Early Childhood and Mild to Moderate Disabilities. She completed her graduate work at the University of Oklahoma to earn a Master’s Degree in Prevention Science and an IC & RC Certified Prevention Specialist credential. With over 20 years of experience in early childhood education, 10 years of Conscious Discipline experience, and a highly responsive presenting style, Angela is a Master Instructor who inspires transformation.

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Angela has over ten years of experience with Conscious Discipline, an intensely responsive presenting style and over 20 years in early childhood education (including extensive work with Family and Children’s Services, Head Start and Parents as Teachers). She spent the first half of her career teaching pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 3rd grade and 4th grade in a Tulsa area school, then worked for nearly a decade in the early childhood program of Community Action Project of Tulsa County. She has experience as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach and as the agency’s Early Childhood Program’s Training Specialist. In the training specialist position, she trained teachers and staff and worked with children in the Early Head Start and Head Start Programs of Community Action Project of Tulsa County. She also trained for Family & Children’s Services, Parents as Teachers and other CAP collaborations. She is an IC & RC Certified Prevention Specialist and a Conscious Discipline Master Instructor who enjoys traveling all over the United States to share her passion about Conscious Discipline.

Though she is adept with all age groups, Angela has built her career around a passion for ages 0-5 because she recognizes it as such a critical time in a child’s development. Dr. Bailey has often called her “the baby whisperer.” Her engaging and responsive manner of speaking focuses on individualizing content and style to meet her audience’s needs and provide practical strategies they can implement immediately with the unique children in their care. A Director of Early Learning Services in Texas recently said, “Early Head Start just spent two days with Angela Fraley and they were two of the most exciting, motivating, instructional and fun days we have ever had with a consultant. She was clear, organized, energetic and so very personable. The staff loved that she ‘gets us’.”



    Angela has over 20 years of experience in early childhood education encompassing classroom teacher, instructional coach and training specialist.


    Angela specializes in training and coaching for ages 0-5, Head Start, Early Head Start and children with disabilities.


    Angela is a Conscious Discipline Master Instructor and an IC and RC Certified Prevention Specialist.


    Angela holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Prevention Science, both from the University of Oklahoma.