Webinar: Seeing Conscious Discipline In The Home

As parents, we often deal with common frustrations. These might include difficulties getting out the door in the morning, children leaving important papers at home or at school, or battles over what constitutes a “clean” room. These frustrations can trigger frequent arguments and stress.

Fortunately, there’s a better way! In Conscious Discipline, we use the M.A.P. process to help children be successful: Model, Add pictures, and Practice. The brain encodes information in pictures. When we provide a clear image of what to do and how to do it, children can manage themselves within the parameters and structures of our home.

Using the M.A.P. process sets a clear expectation, providing children with the information they need to succeed.

In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Nicole Mercer explains how she has used visuals to solve various problems in her home—and how you can do the same. Where do your children struggle meeting expectations or following through? Where and when is more information needed? Visuals can help, and Nicole explains how. Join Nicole as she provides photo and video examples, helpful tips, and actionable advice.

Webinar Outline

  • 01:19 Importance of visual images and structures
  • 01:47 M.A.P.: Model, Add visuals, Practice
  • 02:44 What does the M.A.P. process look like?
  • 04:09 Visualization Exercise: Why images are so important
  • 05:43 Brain encodes information in pictures
  • 08:23 Video Clip: Morning checklist
  • 09:37 Importance of intention with M.A.P. process
  • 11:38 Photo Examples: Checklists, schedules, central calendar
  • 14:08 Video Clip: Central calendar and app
  • 15:40 How visuals can help with cleaning up
  • 17:20 Photo Example: Clean bathroom
  • 18:52 How visuals/structures can help remember items in the morning
  • 20:46 Video Clip: Morning “launch pad”
  • 22:40 Video Clip: Weekly board
  • 24:21 Visuals to help children remember after-school transportation
  • 25:36 Where/when do children need more information?
  • 27:04 Using an end-of-day checklist to help children remember materials/homework
  • 28:15 Summary
  • 29:36 Using visuals and M.A.P. with older children
  • 31:12 Video Clip: Helpful visual invented by Nicole’s daughter

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