Webinar: Power of Love from the Becoming the Best You Can Be Series (5 of 7)

It’s easy to see the best in children and others when their behavior is as we think it should be. But, how do we view children and others when they act in ways that are hurtful or make poor choices?

Misbehavior from children often triggers upset throwing adults into the lower centers of the brain. Our perception of the child dictates the state from which we will respond. We can see disruptions and misbehavior as a call for help or disrespectful and defiant. When we access the Power of Love we are able to see behavior as communication and teach children new skills.  The Power of Love asks us to see the best in others.

Join Dr. Becky Bailey, creator of Conscious Discipline, as we learn to harness the Power of Love.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:56 Principle of Power of Love
  • 02:15 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 03:15 Brain/Mind/Body states
  • 05:40 The heart – brain connection
  • 08:07 Making up the intentions of others
  • 10:06 Outcomes of making up negative intent
  • 12:03 Outcomes of making up positive intent
  • 14:28 Child Positive Intent stories
  • 16:01 You can’t change children’s behavior until you see them differently
  • 17:15 All misbehavior is a call for help
  • 17:50 Story of altercation over bar stool
  • 19:55 Summary of Positive Intent

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