Webinar: Power of Attention from the Becoming the Best You Can Be Series (3 of 7)

Where do you focus your attention? Do you tend to focus on what is lacking or missing or do you focus on what you’ve accomplished? What about when things are not going your way, where is your focus then?

The Power of Attention helps us understand what we focus on we get more of. Where we place our attention teaches children what to value. Children quickly learn we see them for either their helpful or their hurtful behavior. When we focus our attention on problem behavior, our mind is not open to a solution. Shifting our focus on positive actions we want children to use enables adults to see the teaching that is necessary for their success.

Join Dr. Becky Bailey, creator of Conscious Discipline, as we learn to harness our Power of Attention.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:43 Goal of Conscious Discipline
  • 01:34 Where is your focus?
  • 02:13 Power of Attention
  • 04:28 What we focus on, we value
  • 06:20  Two types of people
  • 08:10 The brain’s job is safety
  • 09:12 Summary of attention principles
  • 09:34 Skill of pivoting
  • 10:58 Teaching children to us their power of attention
  • 12:21 Skill of noticing
  • 16:14 Noticing children’s actions
  • 19:00 Summary of skills

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