Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey, Julie Ruffo and special guest Becky Jones

Episode Summary

Conscious Discipline asks adults to make a mindset shift and a skill set upgrade before coaching children to do the same. For some adults, this type of transformational change feels difficult, scary, or overwhelming, and some teachers are hesitant to dive into Conscious Discipline implementation. Because Conscious Discipline requires internal transformation, it’s not a practice that can be mandated. So, how can administrators or school leaders approach hesitant teachers?

In this episode, you’ll join Dr. Becky Bailey in conversation with special guest Becky Jones, a behavior coach for Long Early Learning Center in Abilene, Texas. Rather than mandating what to do or butting heads with her hesitant teachers, Becky met her teachers where they were and sought out creative solutions that invited cooperation and connection. Ultimately, the center’s hesitant teachers became inspired and excited about Conscious Discipline implementation, even trickling the information down to families at home.

Essential Takeaways

  • Some hesitant teachers may need a model to help them become more comfortable implementing Conscious Discipline strategies. Becky filmed videos of I Love You Rituals and placed them in a shared folder.
  • It’s sometimes helpful to reach hesitant teachers by first reaching their students. Becky shared videos of breathing strategies with teachers and students. Students got excited about the breathing strategies. When teachers saw the positive change in their students, they became inspired and excited in turn.
  • Instead of simply reading Shubert books in classrooms, Becky left tools and visual aids behind. For instance, each class received Cranky Cream, an interactive Safe Place Choice Book, and a We Care Bag.
  • Children brought Conscious Discipline knowledge home to their parents, who asked their teachers about it. Teachers were excited to share Conscious Discipline strategies with both students and families.

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Show Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • 1:44 Dr. Becky Bailey in conversation with special guest Becky Jones
  • 3:09 I Love You Rituals
  • 5:36 Breathing techniques
  • 7:27 Shubert books
  • 11:06 Establishing procedures
  • 13:37 Recap and conclusion
  • 15:06 What is Conscious Discipline up to?


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