Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Fran Rubio-Katz

Episode Summary

Are you struggling with creating behavior intervention plans resulting in successful changes within your students?  Have you wondered how PBIS and Conscious Discipline could work together in this process?

Over the years working to help students change behavior has resulted in many programs and intervention strategies.  Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) does not state to use specific practices.  PBIS provides a framework for creating intervention plans.  Schools adopting Conscious Discipline can use the PBIS framework to ensure systematic decision making and schools adopting PBIS can use Conscious Discipline to meet the PBIS goal of supporting positive behavior in school culture.

In this episode, we will learn how to create positive behavior intervention plans using Conscious Discipline and the RTI process. Listen in as long time teacher and Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Fran Rubio-Katz shares step by step how to create effective behavior intervention plans for each child’s success.

Essential Takeaways

  • Understanding the adult role in responding to behaviors with children is key.
  • Assessing the child’s state and what developmental questions are unanswered begins the intervention plan process.
  • When creating a behavior intervention plan, begin with identifying the wanted behaviors.
  • In the data collection process, track the wanted behaviors.

Steps for Tomorrow

  • The intervention process begins with adult regulation and seeing behaviors has a call for help. Utilize the “wanted behaviors” worksheet in the Conscious Discipline and RTI document to begin creating behavior intervention plans.

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Show Outline

  • :26 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 1:30 Introduction to topic Academic and Behavior plans and Conscious Discipline
  • 3:24 PBIS framework explanation
  • 7:08 Introduction of long-time teacher and founder of the Learning Loft Fran Rubio-Katz
  • 8:40 Struggle into stretch – what does this mean
  • 11:44 Realizing it’s not them, it’s our responses
  • 15:02 Conscious Discipline for behavior interventions with the RTI process
  • 16:44 Tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions
  • 17:44 Example of creating a behavior intervention with Conscious Discipline
  • 23:09 Summary of creating a behavior intervention plan
  • 26:08 Next steps once plan is created
  • 28:50 Collecting data to determine if interventions are working
  • 29:53 Conscious Discipline and Social Media, connect for support

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