Adult Weekly Commitment Calendar

Adult Weekly Commitment Calendar

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Adult Weekly Commitment Calendar

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Sue Dierks uses a weekly commitment calendar to set her intention, which organizes energy and directs focus. Each day, Sue writes out a daily commitment that includes a way to be of service to others, a way to be of service to herself, and something she is grateful for.

Using this free template, you can create a Weekly Commitment Calendar of your own. Although this calendar is designed for adults, it’s also helpful for older children.

Watch Sue’s video Adult Weekly Commitment Calendar to learn more about this resource.


  • Adults

Helps with

  • Setting intention
  • Directing focus
  • Rewiring the brain for positivity
  • Increasing helpfulness and kindness


  • A resource for adults to make daily commitments focusing on helpfulness and gratitude


  • 2-page printable


  • Printed template
  • Pen or pencil

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